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Jiangsu Caixing Vocational College is a full -time general college directly under the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance。Location of Lianyungang Port in the Belt and Road intersection and the Asian European Bridge Eastern Bridge Castle,Located in the beautiful scenery of Huaguo Shanxi,It is an important base for the training of financial talents。 

The school was formerly known as Lianyungang City Accounting Vocational School,Founded on September 2, 1964。In the half -century school running journey,After "Lianyungang Accounting School" (1965)、"Lianyungang City Finance School" (1973)、"July • 21st University of Finance and Economics" (1976)、"Lianyungang Finance School" (1982)、"Jiangsu Province Lianyungang Finance sky bet loginand Economics Sky bet app downloadSchool" (1986)、"Jiangsu Province Lianyungang Finance and Economics Higher Vocational and Technical School" ("Jiangsu United Vocational and Technical College Lianyungang Finance Branch",2004) and other development stages,2015 school promoted to Jiangsu Family and Accounting Vocational College。

The school adheres to the school motto of "Confucianism","Eliminate the mind、Seeking truth from facts、Reform Innovation、Standardized Dragality "is the guidance of action,Taking "Five -way and Five Resolution" as the working idea,formed a distinctive school characteristics,Cultivated more than 30,000 specialized talents at all levels at all levels for economic construction and social development,Win a good social reputation,Known as "Jiangsu Financial Talent Cradle"。The school has won advanced units in fiscal education in the country、Advanced Unit of Vocational Education in Jiangsu Province、Advanced unit of moral education in Jiangsu Province、Jiangsu Civilization Campus、Jiangsu Province Ping An Campus、Jiangsu Province Price Integrity Unit、Advanced collective、Advanced units such as the logistics industry of high vocational colleges in Jiangsu Province。

School covers an area of ​​576 acres,Building area 160,000 square meters,There is a School of Accounting、College of Finance、Business School、Finance and Taxation College、School of Information Engineering、Marxist Academy、School of Basic Education、Rong Media College。The school Sky Bet appClosely focuses on the economic development requirements and industrial structure adjustment needs of the "Yangtze River Delta" region,Continuously optimized professional structure,Industry has sky bet games onlineformed a major accounting professional sky bet logingroup,E -commerce professional group、Software Technology Professional Group is the main body,Professional group system that coexists in industry and regional brand characteristics and advantages。The school opens a total of 25 majors , 5 professional groups,​​Among them, 1 provincial high -level professional group、26 1+x Vocational Skills Level Certificate Pilot Project.The school has modern teaching facilities,Classrooms are equipped with multimedia interactive teaching equipment。The construction of the training ground is perfect,Has covered with each professional group,Build a large business department smart education and training center、Modern Service Industry Training Center、Phase II Teaching and Training Center and other modern training centers,With accounting practice teaching smart classroom、CPA Audit Smart Classroom、Tax declaration smart classroom、Smart Record Broadcasting Classroom and VBSE Training Room and other dozens of training places,Among the modern business training bases and modern logistics training bases are provincial training bases。Library business is all in RFID intelligent management,Existing paper books 370,000 volumes,Introduction of People's Network Thoughts of Political Education Course Library、Art Aesthetic Digital Library、Wan Fang、Zhiwang、Vippu and other well -known domestic electronic resource databases。

The school has 118 people with senior titles、"Double Teachers" teachers accounted for more than 85%of full -time teachers; they have a graduate degree、277 degree teachers; 1 provincial teaching team,2 provincial teaching teachers、Jiangsu Province "333" project sky bet games onlinetraining target 3 people、13 provincial Sky bet app downloadoutstanding young backbone teachers。

School always adheres to high -quality school,Promoting quality education,Forms a distinctive "three quotes、Six Fusion "can develop development -type financial talent training mode。The school owns with Nanjing Audit University、Jiangsu Institute of Technology Higher Vocational and Undergraduate Training Project "4+0" major 2,High -level undergraduate training project "3+2" major 2,Person in the vocational education training system,improved the school's school level;、Xuzhou Institute of Engineering、Nanjing University of Finance and Economics、Nanjing Agricultural University cooperates to open the "special transfer、Specialty of Specialty "undergraduate education,The channel for students' further studies。Continuously strengthening political schools and enterprise -to -cooperate education mode,School enters the school through quoting enterprises、alternation of engineering,Explore and practice modern apprenticeship training mechanism,Over the years with well -known enterprises such as Su Yicheng Accounting Firm and other well -known enterprises to start an order class,Realize students' high -quality employment。Since 2020,The school has built an innovative financial industry college with Shenzhen Hishima Data Technology Co., Ltd.,Building Jingdong Electric Business Industry Institute with Jiangsu Jingdong Information Technology Co., Ltd.,Signed a contract with the Siji Mu Ge Technology Group to build a total of four seasons Muge Industry College,Signed a contract with Jiangsu Shuangyuan Group to build Rong Media Industry College,Constantly deepen the integration sky bet games onlineof production and education,Give full play to the sky bet games onlinequality resources of all parties and enterprises,Realize the "dual subject" of school -enterprise enterprises,Improve the adaptation of talent training industry and student professional ability,Build a higher and wider platform for the growth of students。

The school continues to deepen teaching reform,Improve teaching ability,In various teaching competitions、A higher breakthrough in the skill competition。In 2022, it won 1 first prize of the Jiangsu Provincial Teaching Property Contest、Second prize 2 items、Third prize 3 items,2021 yearsWon the second prize of Jiangsu Province Teaching Achievement Award,In 2020, he won the first prize of the National Vocational College Teaching Capability Competition,In 2019, the first prize of the first prize of the accounting skills contest of Jiangsu Higher Vocational College,Get two first prizes from the Jiangsu Provincial Teaching Property Contest in 2020,In 2022, I won 2 items of the first prize of the Jiangsu Vocational College Skills Competition、Second prize 3 items、9th prize 9 items。The school actively implements the national "mass entrepreneurs、Wanzhong Innovation "Requirements,Vigorously support students' innovation and entrepreneurs,"Yinzhou Gourd" Entrepreneurship Project successfully won the Gold Award of the Eleventh "Challenge Cup" Jiangsu University Student Entrepreneurship Plan for 2020。Over the years,School pays Sky Bet appClose attention to the employment work of graduates,In Lianyungang、The Yangtze River Delta and other areas have established a number of stable graduates' employment bases,The employment rate of graduates for many years is more than 97%。

School needs sky bet games onlineaccurately connecting local economic Sky Bet appdevelopment needs,Established the Institute of Rural Revitalization、Research Center of Free Trade Zone、Institute of Finance and Tax、China Rural Finance and Accounting Supervision and Research Center,Research on the development of the free trade zone、E -commerce New Farmers Vocational Training、Business training of rural financial personnel,Actively serve local think tank construction and economic development。The school has a national skill appraisal center,Organize multiple skill certificates assessment,Carry out the training of employee quality updates and improvement training for various types of party and government cadres and enterprises and institutions,undertaking finance、All kinds of social examinations in the human society and other departments,The social responsibility of the school has been highly praised by all sectors of society。

School pays attention to foreign cooperation and exchange。Cooperation with the British BPP University to launch the ACCA elite class;、吾 University of Science and Technology、The University of Macau signed a cooperation agreement and conducted academic exchange activities such as mutual visits of teachers and students;、Nor Sanbia University cooperates to carry out the "3+1" Joint Training Project of "3+1" Specialty Rushi International Talent;、Daqiu University cooperates to carry out the "3+1 Korea Undergraduate Class project; cooperate with South Korea's Qingxi University to carry out" 3+2 "," 4.5+1.5 and other study abroad programs; cooperation with Musashino University in Japan to carry out "2.5+1+2" with "2.5+1+2" Prosperity project,Green channels to provide students with academic qualifications。sky bet loginSince 2018, cooperate with the Langan sky bet games onlineTower Provincial Education Department of Laos to carry out international students' academic education project,Recruiting academic students from Laos。This project has become the largest scale in Lianyungang、The most obvious international student education education project。

Today's Jiangsu Family Council Vocational College faces unprecedented historical opportunities,The college person will adhere to the school motto of "sincerity",Promote the "Houdeben、Dedicated and strong energy"School style, continue to carry forward" Mingli, knowledge, love for good guidance"Teaching style, "The integration of the knowledge and action, the courage and the heavy weightStudy Wind,Focusing on the distant view of the characteristics and the first -class distraction,We clarify the school's development strategic goals:One is based on the industry、Service area,Financial subject、Accounting features,Exquisite management、Social satisfaction colleges。


 (Data Updated: March 31, 2024)

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