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Preface  Word

江苏财会职业学院(以下简称学校)隶属于江苏省财政厅,It is a high -level vocational college at the level。The former school is1964Lianyungang City Accounting Vocational School established in the year,The management system has changed several times,The school name is changed toLianyungang Accounting School1965Years)Lianyungang City Finance and Economics School1973Years)Seven·Second University of Finance and Economics1976Years)Lianyungang Finance and Economics School1982Years)Jiangsu Province Lianyungang Finance and Economics School1986Years)Jiangsu Province Lianyungang Finance and Economics Higher Vocational and Technical School(At the same timeJiangsu United Vocational and Technical College Lianyungang Finance Branch2004year).2015Years1month,Approved by the Provincial Government,The school is promoted to Jiangsu Caiferative Vocational College。

Chapter 1  Total  Zeba

Sky Bet app  Standardized school -run behavior,Promote the governance of the law according to law,Adapt to modern university system,According to the Laws、Regulations、Regulations,Combined with the actual school,Develop this charter。

Two  The school is approved by the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government,File of the Ministry of Education。Jiangsu Caixing Vocational College Chinese abbreviationJiangsu Femolies, the English name isJiangsu College of Finance and Accounting, English abbreviation isjscfa, the URL is School Address: Chunhui Road, Haizhou District, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province8number.

Article 3  School is a public welfare institution for implementing higher vocational education,Have an independent legal person qualification,Autonomous school and management in accordance with the law,Independent legal liability,Accept government supervision and social supervision。

Article 4  The school is guided by Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Strengthen the party's comprehensive leadership of school work、Comprehensively implement the party's education policy、Adhere to Marxist guidance、Adhere to the direction of socialist school running,Follow the laws of running a school for higher education and vocational education,Persist in the fundamental task of Lide Shushu,Guide students to establish the correct worldview、Outlook on Life and Values,Cultivate modern production with innovative spirit and practical ability、Construction、Management、Financial high -quality technical skill types required for the front line of service。

Article 5  The school implements information disclosure system,Public school in time in accordance with the law、Management information。

Chapter 2  Organizer and school

Article 6  The school is held by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance,Accept the business guidance and management of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education。The person in charge of the school and removal school in accordance with relevant regulations。The organizer provides school -run funding and resource support for the school in accordance with the law,Guarantee school running conditions,Support the school's independent school in accordance with the law and the school's articles of association,and supervise and assess the school in accordance with the law。

Due to education development needs,Approved by the approval authority,School can be separated、merge、Rename and terminate。

Article 7  The school enjoys the following rights according to law:

(1) Management according to the articles of association;

(2) Formulating a teaching plan、Selected textbooks、Organize and implement teaching activities;

(3) Autonomous settings and adjustment majors;

(4) Carrying out scientific research、Technical development and social services;

(5) Autonomous determination teaching、Scientific Research、Settings and personnel equipment of internal organizations such as administrative function departments;

(6) After approval, scientific, technological and cultural exchanges and cooperation with overseas colleges and universities;

(7) According to relevant national regulations,Evaluation or application for teachers and other professional and technical personnel,Adjustment allowance and salary distribution;

(8) According to social needs、School conditions and the scale of running school approved by the state,Develop enrollment plan,Autonomous adjustmentEach professional enrollment plan

(9) Student management of the educated people,Implementing rewards or punishments;

(10) The corresponding academic certificate is issued to the educated people;

(11) Manage and use the facilities and funds of the unit;

(12) Reject illegal interference in educational and teaching activities for any organization or individual;

(13) Other rights stipulated in laws, regulations, and rules.

Article 8  The school shall fulfill the following obligations according to law:

(1) Comply with laws and regulations;

(2) Implement the party's education policy,Implementing national education and teaching standards,Make sure the quality of education and teaching;

(3) Maintain the educated person、The legitimate rights and interests of teachers and other employees;

(4) Provide convenience for the educated academic performance and other related situations in an appropriate way;


(6) Accept supervision according to law;

(7) Other obligations stipulated in laws, regulations, and rules.

Chapter 3  functions and tasks

Article 9  School full -time students at school students10000People around. School canAccording to the needs of regional economic and social development and school conditions,After being approved by the regulations,Reasonably adjust the scale of running school。

Article 10  The school takes talent training as the primary task,Adapt to the needs of economic and social development and life needs of citizens,Carry out academic education and non -academic education。The school carried out full -time vocational education education in accordance with the law,Take care of non -full -time education、Joint training academic education、Chinese and foreign cooperative education education and social vocational skills training,Determine the duration of the business according to the law of different enrollment。

Article 11  The school adheres to the docking of professional settings and industrial needs,Adhere to the service industry and regional economic and social development,Construction covering accounting、Finance、E -commerce、Information technology and other professional groups,Establish an adaptive industry productionProfessional settings and adjustment mechanisms needed for industry development.

Article 12  School according to the industry、Enterprise needs,Formulate and implement the talent training plan,Perseverance and heavy weight,School -Enterprise Coordinated Nuoshi,Establish a teaching management and quality assurance system,Ensure the quality of talent training。

Article 13  The school plays its own advantages,Open Education and Teaching Resources,Carry out technical skills sky bet loginSky Bettraining and academic education for employees of industry enterprises,Provide services for lifelong learning for community residents。

Article 14  School strengthening and well -known international schools、Corporate cooperation,Comprehensively improve the specifications and quality of talent training,Create international consciousness、Cross -cultural communication and cooperation ability、international talent team with innovative spirit。

Article 15The mission of school performance of cultural heritage and innovation,Adhere to the integration of school -enterprise culture,Pay attention to culture and educate people,Comprehensive construction of characteristic school culture,Important platforms for building a school into a cultural innovation inheritance。

Chapter 4  Management system and operation mechanism

Section 1  Management System

Article 16  The school implements the principal responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee。Adhere to the leadership of the party committee、The principal is responsible、Professor academic、Democratic Management、Modern university system for governing the school according to law。School Party Committee (hereinafter referred to as the school party committee) comprehensive leadership school work,Support Dean in accordance with the provisions of the Higher Education Law of the People's Republic of China、Carry out work independently,Guaranteed teaching、Scientific Research、Completion of various tasks such as administrative management。

Article 17  The school's party committee undertakes the party governing the party、The main responsibility of the school governance school,Get the direction、Management、Make decisions、Catch the team、Bringing team、Key implementation,Each term5Year. The main responsibility is:

(1) Publicity and implementation of the party's line policy and policy,Propaganda and Executive Resolution of the Party Central Committee and higher -level party organizations and the organization,Adhere to the direction of socialist school running,Govern the school according to law,Relying on the teachers and students of the school to promote the scientific development of the school,Cultivation of socialist builders and successors who cultivate the comprehensive development of morality, intellectual, physical and labor;

(2) Adhere to Marxist guidance,Organize party members to seriously study Marx Leninism、Mao Zedong Thought、Deng Xiaoping theory、Three representativesImportant thought、Scientific Development Concept、Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Learn the party's line policy and resolution,Learn the basic knowledge of the party,Learning business knowledge and science、History、Culture、Law and other aspects of knowledge;

(3) Review and determine the basic management system of the school,Discussion determines the stability of the school's reform and development and teaching、Scientific Research、major matters in administrative management;

(4) Discussion determines the setting of the internal organization of the school and the candidate of the person in charge。According to cadre management authority,Responsible for the education of cadres、Training、Selected、Assessment and supervision。Strengthen the construction of the leadership team、Cadre team building and talent team construction。

(5) According to the party to manage the party、Comprehensive and strict party requirements,Strengthen the construction of school party organizations。Implement the responsibility system for party building at the grassroots level,Give full play to the role of the school's grass -roots party organization fighting fortress and the role of the pioneer of party members。

(6) Perform the main responsibility of the school's party style and clean government construction,Leaders、Support the internal disciplinary inspection organization to perform supervision and discipline accountability,Accept the supervision of the disciplinary inspection organizations at the same level and the superior disciplinary committee and its disciplinary committee and its disciplinary inspection and supervision agency。

(7) Leading school ideological and political work and moral education work,Implement the ideological work responsibility system,Maintain the safety and stability of the school,Promote the construction of harmonious campus。

(8) Leading school group organization、Academic Organization and Faculty Congress。

(9) Do a good job of united front work。Political leadership of the grass -roots organizations of democratic parties in the school,Support it to carry out activities in accordance with their respective articles of association。Supporting united front fronters such as party -free people to participate in the united front -related activities,Give play to a positive role。Strengthen the work of outside party intellectuals and team representative teams。Strengthen ethnic and religious work,Deepen the Education of Awareness Education of the Chinese Nation Community,Resolutely prevent and resist all kinds of illegal missionary、osmotic activity。

(10) Discussion determines major matters that are related to other teachers and students' vital interests。

Article 18  The school party committee implements democratic centralized system,Combination of collective leaders and personal division of labor,Collective discussion and decision to decide major issues and important matters of the school,Members of the leadership team perform their duties in accordance with collective decisions and division of labor。The Party Committee is the basic form of the party committee leaders,Call and host the party committee secretary (or entrusted deputy secretary)。The topic of the party committee is proposed by the school's leadership team,The Secretary of the Party Committee is determined。Relevant teaching of the Party Committee、Scientific Research、Administrative work and other issues,I should listen to the opinion of the dean before the meeting。Suggestions on appointment and removal of cadres,Before submitting the party committee for discussion decision,Should be at the party committee secretary、Dean、Discipline Inspection Secretary and other scope of brewing,Full communication。Adhere to collective leaders、Democratic concentration、Individual brewed、Principles of the decision decision decisions determined by the meeting。

Article 19  The Disciplinary Inspection Commission of the Communist Party of China Jiangsu Council Vocational College is the school's internal party supervision special agency,Each term5Years,Work under the dual leadership of the school's party committee and superior disciplinary committee,The main task is:

(1) Maintain the party constitution and other party regulations,Check the implementation of the party's route policies and policies and resolutions,Assist the party committee of colleges and universities to advance the comprehensive and strict party、Strengthening party style construction and organizational coordination anti -corruption work;

(2) Education of discipline often complies with party members,Make a decision on maintaining party discipline;

(3) Performing the party's organization and party members and leading cadres to perform their duties、Exercise power to supervise,Acceptance and disposal of party members and the masses for reports,Layoning reminder、Interview letter;

(4) Check and handle the comparative or complicated cases of party organizations and party members violating party constitutions and other party regulations,Decisions or cancel the punishment of party members in these cases; make suggestions for accountability or put forward accountability;

(5) Accepting party members' accusations and appeals,Protecting party members' rights will not be violated。

Article 20  Dean is the legal representative of the school,Under the leadership of the school party committee,Implement the Party's Educational Policy,Persist in governing schools and democratic management in accordance with the law,Carefully implement the decision of the superior instructions,Organize the implementation of the school party committee Sky bet app downloadsky bet games onlineresolution,Exercise various powers in accordance with the law,Comprehensive responsible for school talent training、Teaching and Scientific Research、Social Service、Cultural inheritance innovation and administrative management。Its main responsibility is:

(1) Organize the formulation and implementation of school development plan、Basic Management System、Important administrative systems and regulations、Reform measures for major teaching and research research、Important school resource allocation plan。Organization to formulate and implement specific rules and regulations、Annual Work Plan。

(二)组织拟订和实施学校内部组织机构的设置方案。According to the relevant provisions of the selection and appointment of national laws and cadres,Recommended Vice Dean and the candidate for middle -level cadres,The person in charge of the internal organization of the internal organization according to cadre management authority;

(3) Responsible for professional construction,Organize teaching activities and scientific research,Innovative talent training mechanism,sky bet games onlineimprove the quality of talent training,Promoting cultural heritage innovation,Serving the country and local economic and social development,Special features to run the school、Creating first -class;

(4) Organize ideological and political education,Responsible for student status management and implementation of rewards or punishments,Carrying out enrollment and employment;

(5) Organize the formulation and implementation of school talent development plan、Important talent policy and major talent engineering plan。Responsible for the construction of the teacher team,Empress and dismiss teachers and other staff in the school in accordance with relevant regulations;

(6) Organize the formulation and implementation of major basic construction of the school、Annual funding budget and other plans。Strengthen financial management and audit supervision,Protection and management school assets;

(7) Do a good job of school safety and stability and logistical support;

(8) Organize the school's external exchanges and cooperation,Represents schools and governments at all levels in accordance with the law、Signing cooperation agreements from all walks of life and overseas institutions,Accept and use social donations reasonably;

(9) Report to the party committee to report major resolutions for implementation,Report work to the faculty and staff congress,Organization and handling faculty and staff congress、Student Congress、Proposal about administrative work on the membership of the union member congress and membership congress。Support party organizations at all levels of school、Democratic Party Grassroots Organization、Mass Organization and Academic Organizations to carry out work;

(10) Performing other powers stipulated in laws and regulations and the school articles of association。

Article 21  The president's office will be convened and hosted by the dean (or the vice dean entrusted),Secretary of the Party Committee、Deputy Secretary、Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and other visible issues attended the meeting。The meeting of the meeting was determined by the meeting of the meeting,School Office、Disciplinary inspectionThe main person in charge of the department should generally attend the meeting。The topic discussed by the president's office,Proposed by members of the school leaders,The dean's office collects summary,Dean of Pay in advance。Any topic of submitting the office of the dean,Before the meeting, the leader of the branch of the club must communicate with the dean to fully communicate。Capture decision according to the rules of the office meeting of the dean。

Article 22  Party Committee、Decision made by the president's office,The division of responsible persons is responsible for organizing implementation,Any individual has no right to change。Individuals if you have different opinions,Allow reserved,or reiterate at the next meeting,can also be reflected to the previous party organization,But must be resolutely executed。The content of the meeting that should be kept confidential,It must be strictly confidential,No one is allowed to be leaked without permission。

Section 2  Academic Organization

Article 23  School Establishment Academic Committee,As the highest academic organization of the school,Decisions of exercising academic affairs in overall plan、Review、Assessment and consultation。

(1) The composition of the academic committee:

1.Director of the Academic Committee1People, Deputy Director1-3People, several members, common21People。The Secretariat is responsible for the daily work of the academic committee,The Secretariat is located in the scientific research office;

2.学术委员会原则上应由学校不同专业的具有正高级或2Personnel composition of deputy senior professional and technical positions above the year,Due to special needs for work,Lecturers who have a master's degree or above or have5Learners who are above the year can also serve;

3.Member of the Academic Committee is nominated by the Dean,The dean's office will be reviewed and approved by the president's office,Three years per term。Secretary -General in principle, the director of the scientific research department also serves as。Secretary -General can nominate secretary1-2People,Review and approve the academic committee。Depending on the needs of work and personnel,Member can make individual adjustments every year,Can be recruited for re -election。

(2) Academic Committee discussion:

The plenary meeting of the academic committee holds at least once a year,If there is no special case,The topic must be determined before the meeting,and notify all members before the meeting。学校学术委员会会议由主任主持;主任不能出席会议,It is chaired by the deputy director commissioned by the director; the number of attendees must be more than two -thirds of all members。When the decision involves me、Relatives or other stakeholders,Relevant members should avoid。

(3) The main Sky BetSky Bet appresponsibilities of the academic committee:

1.Reviewing the professional construction and development plan of the school、major policies and measures for teaching and research work、Excellent curriculum and teaching materials construction plan, as well as important matters in related work such as teachers' team construction and talent training;

2.Evaluation and identification of the scientific and academic level of the personnel to be applied to the technical titles; evaluate the academic level of the integrated talents and make suggestions for appointment of corresponding professional and technical positions; evaluate the appointment and recommending important academic organizations in the province、Entry selection plans organized by government departments at all levels; reviewing and recommending teaching teams at all levels、Academic experts、专业带头人和骨干教师;评审推荐各类限额申报的教学、Scientific research projects and achievements rewards; various teaching settings set up by the review school、Scientific research projects and awards, etc.;

3.Guiding academic activities of the whole school,Promoting academic exchanges,Active academic atmosphere;

4.Participate in the formulation of academic ethics of school teachers。Guidance、Education of academic ethics and academic style in various forms of organization,Investigation and evaluation academic disputes and academic dislocation behaviors,Arbitration on an incident suspected of violating academic ethics,Make a suggestion of handling;、illegal issues,Quedly handled by the relevant departments of the school;

5.Review school education、Scientific research and technical development application plan and other plans;

6.Comment on important academic issues of the school、Research and consultation,and put forward constructive opinions;

7.Guide to the academic and academic style of Journal.

Article 24  The teaching work committee under the school academic committee,The Teaching Working Committee is a decision -making agency for school teaching management,Performing the duty according to its charter。The main Sky BetSky Bet appresponsibilities of the Teaching Working Committee:

(1) Research and review the various plans for teaching work in schools (professional construction、Course Construction、Teaching Material Construction、Laboratory construction、Teaching Plan, etc.)、Teaching decision -making and major teaching reform measures,and make suggestions。

(2) Study、Review or determine the various documents of the school's teaching work based on the authorization、Regulations、System。

(3) Reviewing school -level teaching awards、Teaching reform project,Recommended city level、Teaching awards and teaching reforms at the provincial level。

(4) Organizational evaluation of other major teaching or academic matters,Proposal about conclusions and suggestions;

(5) Accept the school commission,Hosting School Professional、Course、Training Room、Teaching unit teaching management、Teaching quality, etc.、Evaluation、Acceptance work and other special activities related to education and teaching。

(6) According to needs,Education for school、Teaching、New situation in the practice of teaching reform、New questions for special investigations,Put forward improvement opinions or implementation plans。

(7) Guide the teaching work committee of various teaching units.

(8) Other major matters that require the decision -making of the teaching committee.

A professional construction guidance committee under the teaching work committee、Teaching Material Construction Committee, etc.。

Article 25  The school academic committee has a professional and technical job review committee。The school's professional and technical job review committee is an academic organization responsible for professional and technical job review under the guidance of the school academic committee,According to the requirements of different series of reviews and review rules of different series of reviews in the school or Jiangsu Province,Responsible for review、Judging、Comment or recommend corresponding professional technical positions。

Members of the School Professional and Technical Vocational Jury of the School by Dean、Deputy Dean in charge of personnel and teaching、The person in charge of each teaching and research unit、The person in charge of the relevant functional departments with senior technical positions and the composition of the representative of the Zheng Senior Professional and Technical Job。The Professional and Technical Vocational Jury Committee has a secretariat,The Secretariat is located in the Organization Power Office,Secretary -General is generally the director of the Organization Personnel Office。

The Sky BetSky Bet appresponsibilities of the school's professional and technical job review committee: Responsible for teachers (including teaching、Student ideological and political education、Educational Management Research) and Persons with senior and intermediate professional and technical qualifications for experimental technical titles for review。

Article 26  Schools can be as needed as needed,Hire off -campus experts as specially invited members who specialize in academic matters。Special officers are appointed by the dean。Special officers shall be in accordance with the school's regulations,Enjoy the corresponding rights。

Section 3  Democratic Management

Article 27  The school implements the system of faculty representative conference with teachers as the main body,According to the relevant provisions of the "Trade Union Law of the People's Republic of China" and "Articles of Association of the Chinese Trade Union",Schools set up branches in the secondary institution,Guarantee faculty and staff to participate in school democratic management and democratic supervision,Maintain the legitimate rights and interests of faculty and staff。


(2) School -level faculty and staff members exercise the following powers:

1.Listen to the formulation and revision of the draft of the school constitution,Make forward amendments and suggestions;

2.Listen to the school development plan、Construction of Faculty Team、Education and Teaching Reform、Campus construction and reports of other major reforms and major problem solutions,Make suggestions and suggestions;

3.Listen to the school's annual work、Financial work、Union work report and other special work reports,Make suggestions and suggestions;

4.Discuss the benefits directly related to the interests of faculty and staff through the school、Distribution embodiment of the school and the corresponding faculty and workers' appointment、Assessment、rewards and punishment methods;

5.Report the report of the proposal of the first (second) faculty and staff congress of the school;

6.In accordance with relevant work regulations and arrangement of leading cadres of the school;

7.Through a variety of ways to make opinions and suggestions on school work,Supervision School Articles of Association、The implementation of rules and regulations and decision -making,Put forward rectification opinions and suggestions;

8.Discussing the provisions of laws, regulations, regulations and systems, and other matters agreed in schools and school trade unions。

(3) School、The Conference of Faculty and Workers' Congress of Secondary Institutions is generally five years in five years,Hold at least once a year at least once a year。

(4) Election of the Executive Committee。During the period of the congress, the Executive Committee will exercise the function of the teaching congress。

(5) Representative of the Faculty and Staff Congress,Organized by each electoral unit from faculty and staff directly elected in the way of non -name voting.。Representatives of the Faculty State Congress implemented a term system,Can be re -elected。

(6) The rights of faculty and staff representatives:

1.Enjoy the right to election at the faculty and staff congress、The right to election and voting;

2.Make full opinion and suggestions at the faculty and staff congress;

3.Proposal and inquire and supervise the handling of the proposal;

4.Reflects the opinions and requirements of faculty and employees to school leaders and relevant departments on school work;

5.It was suppressed due to the performance of his duties、During the retaliation of resistance and strike,Have the right to appeal and sue to relevant departments。

(7) The obligation of representatives of faculty and staff:

1.Earnestly study the party's route policy and policy、National laws and regulations、Party and the country's policies for education reform and development,Constantly improving the ability of ideological and political quality and democratic management;

2.Actively participate in the activities of the faculty and staff congress,Careful publicity and implementation of the resolution of the conference,Complete the work assigned to the faculty and staff congress;

3.Delivery,Affairs of doing things just,Causes the masses,Truthful reflecting the opinions and requirements of the masses,Do a good job of mass work,Maintain the legitimate rights and interests of faculty and staff;

4.Timely report to the units (departments) faculty and staff to participate in the activities of participating in the faculty and staff congress activities and fulfilling their duties,Accept evaluation supervision;

5.Consciously abide by the school's rules and regulations and professional ethics,Improve business level,Do your job well。

Article 28  The school union is a work agency for the faculty congress,Responsibilities related to the following work responsibilities related to the faculty and staff congress:

(1) Preparation and conference work for the faculty and staff congress,Organize the representative of the election faculty and staff congress,Solicitation and sorting proposal,Proposal to meet the topic、Plan and the presidium recommendation candidate;

(2) During the closing period of the faculty and staff congress,Organize the spirit of the implementation of the faculty and staff congress,Supervise the implementation of the resolution of the faculty and staff congresses,Organization of various delegations (groups) and special committees (work group) activities,Host hosted a faculty and staff delegation (group) long、Special Committee (Working Group) head of the person in charge of the joint meeting;

(3) Organize the training of representatives of faculty and staff congresses,Advance and appeal of the representatives of the faculty and staff Sky bet app downloadSky Betcongress of the faculty and staff;

(4) Report to the school party organization for the democratic management of the school,Communicate with school;

(5) Complete other tasks entrusted by the faculty and staff congress.

Article 29  The Student Congress is the leader of the school's party committee in the school、The basic form of democratic rights and participating in school democratic management under the guidance of the school league committee,It is an important channel for the connection between the school and the students。

(1) The main task of the Student Congress is:

1.Review of the Student Committee of the Student Committee;

2.Formulate or revise the "Articles of Association of Student Union of Jiangsu Finance and Accounting Vocational College";

3.Election Student Committee;

4.Discussion determines the work policy and task of the student committee,讨论决定应当由学生代表大会议决的其他重大事项;

5.Representatives and organize students to participate in the school's democratic management and supervision,Construction of the school、Reform and development put forward opinions and suggestions。

(2) Representatives of the Student Congress shall be elected by the representatives of the Student Congress according to the "Articles of Association of the Student Union of the Jiangsu Finat and Vocational College".。

(3) The Student Congress holds all the congresses once a year。The Student Congress will be discussed in accordance with the rules and rules and rules of the discussion approved by the conference。

(4) During the period of closing the school student congress,School Student Committee exercise its authority。

Article 30  The school student committee is the executive agency of the school student congress,It is the only student organization representing all the students of the school,Responsible for the school student congress and its committee。

Article 31  Student Congress of the second -level unit refer to the school student congress system。

Article 32  School Trade Union、Communist Youth League and other mass organizations, as well as democratic party organizations and social groups under the leadership of the school's party committees to carry out activities in accordance with their respective articles of association。The school guarantees its legitimate rights and interests to participate in the school's democratic management。

Section 4  III unit

Article 33  The school implements a secondary management system。The school needs to be reasonably set and adjust the second -level unit according to professional construction and talent training。

Article 34  The second -level unit is school talent training、Scientific Studies、Social Service、Implementing units of cultural heritage innovation and international exchanges and cooperation,Independent management within the scope of the school。Establishment of academic committees,There are teaching work committees under the academic committee、The Title Review Committee, etc.。

Article 35  The main responsibility of the second -level unit is:

(1) Implement the party's route policy and policy,Implementing school running ideas,The rules and regulations and various decisions of the school;

(2) Responsible for talent training。Organize the implementation of professional construction、Course Construction、Construction of teaching resources,Carry out comprehensive quality education for students、Innovation and entrepreneurship and employment guidance work,Strengthen daily teaching management and quality control,Ensure the quality of talent training;

(3) Responsible for the construction of teachers。In the preparation of the school,Formulate the construction planning and implementation plan of the teacher -funded team,Responsible for the construction of teachers and morality、Double MasterQuality training、Evaluation work,Construction high -level specialty and combined teaching、Scientific research team;

(4) Responsible for the construction of training bases inside and outside the school。Docking industrial upgrading and corporate technological progress,Meet the needs of talent training and social services,Build the truth with the enterprise、Simulation Special and Comprehensive Training Base,Establish a stable off -campus internship base;

(5) Organization to carry out teaching and scientific research、Social services and exchange activities at home and abroad;

(6) Responsible for students' education and management,Make opinions on students' rewards and punishments。Organize the promotion of enrollment of the unit;

(7) Formulate internal distribution scheme,Manage and use school nuclear funding and assets;

(8) Perform other responsibilities stipulated in the school.

Article 36  The second -level unit implements the joint responsibility system of party and government,Establishing a party and government joint meeting system。The party and government joint meeting of the second -level unit is a collective study and decision to decide the major decision -making of the party and government team、Meeting of important issues such as important project arrangements and major funds,Is the reform of the unit、Decision -making mechanisms and important forms of effective management of construction and development。Members are generally secretary of the Party Branch (directly under the party branch)、Deputy Secretary、Director、Deputy Director Composition。According to work needs,The person in charge of the inner organization can attend the meeting。

Article 37  Second -level unit administration is fully responsible for the education and teaching of the unit、Scientific Studies、Professional construction、External exchanges and other administrative work。

Article 38  The Party Committee of the Party Council of the Party Committee (Direct Party Branch) of the second -level unit enforces the party's committee meeting,Responsible for the ideological politics of the unit、Party building and group work,Guarantee and supervise the route of the party and the country、Police、Policies and the school's decisions in the implementation of the unit。

Article 39  The second -level unit can set up an office as required、Teaching and Research Office and other institutions,Organize the implementation of various comprehensives、Teaching、Scientific research and social service tasks。

Chapter 5  Faculty

Article 40School faculty members include teachers、Other professional and technical personnel、Management staff and workers。

Article 41  The school implements the job management system for faculty and staff。According to scientific management、The principle of streamlined performance Set up positions,Clear job name、Responsibilities and tasks、Work Standards and Terminal Conditions。

Article 42  School faculty and staff enjoy the following rights according to law:

(1) Use the school's public resources according to regulations;


(3) Morality、Power and performance received fair evaluation;

(4) Fair obtaining labor remuneration、Various rewards and various honorary titles at all levels;

(5) Know the school reform、Construction and development and the major matters related to the vital interests;

(6) Participate in democratic management and democratic supervision,Make opinions and suggestions on school work;

(7) Drifice for employment、Welfare benefits、Evaluation Award、Set and other matters to express objections and appeal;

(8) Law、Regulations、Regulations stipulated in the rules or other rights stipulated in the appointment contract。

Article 43  School faculty and staff shall fulfill the following obligations in accordance with the law:

(1) Loyalty to the party's education,Learn to implement the education policy of the party and the country,Persist in the fundamental task of Lide Shushu,Practice the core values ​​of socialism; (2) abide by the constitution、Laws and regulations and professional ethics,About "Professional Moral Standards for Teachers Teachers in Higher Schools ",Comply with the rules and regulations of the school;

(3) Cherish the reputation of love school,Maintain school interests,Consciously contribute suggestions for the development of the school;

(4) Diligence work,Delivery,Complete the prescribed teaching、Scientific Research、Work tasks required by management and service positions;

Sky Bet app(5) Continuously sky bet games onlineimprove the quality of teaching and pursue high levels of research;

(6) Respect and care for students,Protect students' rights and interests,Promote the comprehensive development of students;

(7) Education and teaching facilities in love school,Reasonable use of school resources;

(8) No part of the school without school approval;

(9) Law、Regulations、Regulations stipulated in the rules or other obligations stipulated in the contract。

Article 44  The school implements a full employment system for faculty and staff,Competition to work、hire by post、Contract management。Newly hired faculty employees,It should be recruited publicly from the whole society。

Article 45  The school set up a professional and technical job evaluation committee,Professional and Technical Vocational Evaluation Committee declare according to posts、Principles of Evaluation of Job,Carry out professional and technical personnel evaluation and employment work within the scope of authorization。

Article 46  The school insists on running a school with teachers,School respects teachers' creative labor,Carry out teaching and scientific research activities for teachers、Academic Innovation、Career Development、Personal growth provides necessary conditions and guarantees。School adheres to rigorous studies,Standardize the academic behavior of teachers,Guide teachers to establish a good academic morality。The school implements qualification certification and job appointment system for teachers。

Article 47  The school formulates a personnel management system,Hire the faculty and staff in accordance with laws and regulations、Assessment、Training、reward and punishment、Application retirement, etc.。

Article 48  School performance salary system in accordance with the unified national, provincial and municipal public institutions' performance salary system,Comprehensive implementation includes basic salary、Various policies including performance salary and allowance subsidies。Staff enjoy the country、Provincial and municipal welfare benefits。According to the level of development and actual conditions,Efforts to improve the work and living conditions of faculty and staff。

Article 49School respect、Care、Care and care for retirees of the school,Creation conditions give full play to the role of retired veteran comrades in the development of the school。

Article 50  The school set up a school to care about the next -generation work committee,Adhere to people -oriented,Key to do a good job of youth education,Focus on improving the ideological and moral quality of young people、Scientific and cultural quality and health quality。

Article 51  School establishment of rights protection and relief mechanisms in accordance with laws and regulations,Establish a faculty and employee appeal committee,Handling faculty complaints in accordance with the law,Maintain the legitimate rights and interests of faculty and staff。

Chapter 6  Student

Article 52  Students refer to the school's admission in accordance with the law、Get enrollment qualification、Registered school students、Educated educated by the school。

Article 53  Students enjoy the following rights according to law during school:

(1) Fairly accept all kinds of education arranged by the teaching plan of this major,Education and teaching resources provided by the school with equal use of the school;

(2) Fair obtaining organization or participating in student groups inside and outside the school、Entertainment Sports Activity、Science and Technology and Cultural Activity、Social Practice Activity、employment and innovation and entrepreneurial guidance、Volunteer Service、The opportunity to study and study hard;

(3) According to the standards stipulated by the state and schools、Conditions and procedures apply for scholarships、Scholarship、Student help loan、Tuition reduction and compensation;

(4) In ideological morality、Academic achievements and other aspects obtained fair evaluation,Fair gains and rewards and rewards at all levels,Get the corresponding academic certificate after completing the school regulations;

(5) Education and teaching management、Campus culture、Logistics Service、Campus safety and other tasks put forward suggestions and opinions; when the disciplinary sanctions made by the school or the decision involving their own interests are objections,There is the right to appeal to the school or education administrative department in accordance with the prescribed procedures;、Faculty and staff violates their personal rights、property rights and other legitimate rights and interests,Have the right to file an appeal or filed a lawsuit in accordance with the law;

(6) Apply for a professional in accordance with the regulations of the school;

(7) Other rights stipulated in laws, regulations, and rules.

Article 54  Students should fulfill the following obligations in accordance with the law during school:

(1) Comply with the Constitution、Law、Regulations,Comply with the "Student Code of Student Student Students",Practice the core values ​​of socialism;

(2) Comply with the school's various rules and regulations and student behavior specifications,Develop good morals and behavioral habits;

(3) Respecting the teacher,Strive hard,Keep academic ethics,Persist in academic integrity,Promoting excellent learning style,Complete the prescribed academic;

(4) Pay the tuition fee and related expenses in accordance with regulations,The corresponding obligations to obtain scholarships and scholarships and scholarships;

(5) Cherish and maintain school honor and maintain school interests;

(6) Other obligations stipulated in laws, regulations, and rules.

Article 55  The school insists on standing a tree,Guide students to develop a respectable teacher、Cherish life、Honest and trustworthy、Caring Society、Diligent in innovation、Courageous good character and other good character。

Article 56  The school insists on all members、Full process、All -round education,Constructing the Top Ten Education System,Persist in five education,Provide students and improve academic development、career plan、Service and other services such as physical and mental health and living security,Guide students to self -discipline、Independent、Self -strengthening,Promote students' self -management、Self -education、Self -service,Promote the comprehensive development of students' moral, intellectual, physical and artistic and labor。

Article 57  School supports students to participate in school democratic management,Establish a student's feedback and solution mechanism,Maintaining students' right to know in school -related affairs、Participate right、Expression right、Supervision right。

Article 58  School advocates students to explore freely,Encourage students to participate in scientific and technological innovation、Entrepreneurship Practice、Social Practice、Public welfare services and other types of extracurricular activities。

Article 59  Schools to sound mental health education mechanisms,Establish a mental health consulting agency,Equipped with mental health teachers,Provides necessary guidance and help for students' healthy growth。

Article 60  School perfecting awards、Diligence Student Study、Tuition Examination and Compensation System,Open the green channel,Commending and rewarding advanced students,Assistance students。

Article 61  School strengthening student education management,Adhere to appropriate punishment education,Violations、Students of violations of discipline conduct criticism education or disciplinary punishment。Disciplinary Action Adhere to the procedure、Evidence is sufficient、Depending on、Qualitative accuracy、Appropriate punishment。

Article 62  School respects students' rights and interests,Support students to deal with treatment、Decision of the punishment for defense and appeal。Established a student complaint handling committee composed of multi -party representatives,Accepted and resolved student appeal matters in accordance with the prescribed procedures。

Article 63  The school establishes the party committee and armed department,Mobilization、Support、Encourage students to join the army,Actively assist in handling various procedures for enlistment。

Article 64  Sky bet app downloadSky bet app downloadEducated people who have received education at school,Its rights and obligations shall be separately agreed by the school's reference to the relevant provisions of the students。

Chapter 7  Alumni

Article 65  Alumni refers to studying in various periods of school、Relations、Work full3Persons from the month. Anyone who meets the following conditions is a school alumni:

(1)Schooland faculty and staff in each period of their predecessors;

(2)Schooland their predecessor's previous graduates、Code graduates、Entrepreneurship and various forms of training classes、Trainee students;

(3)SchoolHonorary professors granted and hired、Part -time professor、Consultant professor、Visitors and other part -time personnel;

(4) andSchoolClose relationship,The school's construction and development and the work of the Alumni Association have made a lot of contributions,Approved by Alumni Federation,Agency for membership of the alumni association of Jiangsu Fortune Professional Academy、Group and individual。

Article 66  School EstablishmentJiangsu Finance and Accounting Vocational Academy Alumni Association,Encourage and support alumni to establish a session、Industry、Alumni Association or Alumni Branch。

Article 67  Main responsibilities of Alumni Association:

(1) Promote the fine tradition and style of alma mater,Encourage alumni to continue to achieve new achievements in career,Student incentive students study hard,Strive up;

(2) Guide alumni training at alma mater、Scientific Studies、Social Service、Cultural inheritance innovation and other work play a role in work;

(3) Strengthen contact with the organization of the Alumni Association,Mutual Information、Contact feelings、Promoting friendship、Enhanced cohesion;

(4) Integration of the power of alumni and alma mater,Provide support and help for the development of alumni cause。

Article 68  Alumni Associations at all levels will be carried out in accordance with relevant national regulations and the charter passed by the alumni congress.。

Article 69  The school set up an alumni party secretary office,Responsible for the daily work of the Alumni Association。Its main responsibility is:

(1) Preparation and development of alumni branches from various places,Guide and coordinate the work of alumni branches;

(2) Collecting important information of custody alumni、File,Provide the use of relevant departments;

(3) Promote alumni resources、School resource sharing and sharing,Promoting alumni cause、Common development of school business。

Article 70  School Establishment Council,Taking alumni as the main bond,Establish and improve the government、Industry、Enterprise、Cooperation and common education mechanisms participating in vocational colleges。Director of the Board1Name,Several chairman of the deputy chairman,The chairman of the school is as the dean,Vice Chairman is in charge of alumni work、Teaching work、Vice Dean of Student Work as the ascending,Outside school chairman is by partner companies、Relevant leaders of alumni companies as。There is a secretariat under the council,Set the Secretary -General1Name,Several Deputy Secretary -General。The Secretariat is responsible for handling the daily work of the council under the leadership of the chairman。The term of each term of the school -enterprise cooperation council。In principle, hold all the members' meetings once a year and one or two executive councils,特殊情况经理事长和副理事长协商可提前或延期召开。

Chapter 8  Finance and assets

71st item  School is committed to improving assets and financial systems,For teaching、Scientific Studies、Social Services and Students、Learning from faculty and staff、Work、Life provides guarantee。

Article 72  The main source of the school's funding includes financial allocation、Career income、Subsidy subsidy income、Accept social donations, etc.。

Article 73  Actively expand the source of school funding for running school,Getting in business development funds,Ensure that the funding for running schools is gradually growing; encourages and supports all units in the school to raise teaching for society、Scientific research funds and various awards funds。

Article 74  Organize income in accordance with national policies,All income is included in the school budget,Unified management、Unified core calculation。

Article 75  Implement unified leadership、Concentrated accounting、Hierarchical management、Financial management system for information disclosure,Strengthen budget management,Establish and improve economic responsibility system and audit supervision system,Strengthen the construction of the internal control system,Improve the supervision mechanism,Guaranteed funds to run safely。

Article 76  School assets belong to the nature of state -owned assets。The school's right to owns assets with legal person's property,Independent management and use in accordance with the law。

Article 77  Schools、Regulations and school related regulations,Strengthen the patent right to school、Trademark right、Copyright、Non -patented technology、School names、Activity management of intangible assets such as goodwill,Maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the school。

Article 70  Establish and improve asset allocation、Daily Management、Lease borrowing、Management systems such as foreign investment and asset disposal,Establish a unified leader、Study Management、Holding responsibility、State -owned asset management system responsible to people,Strengthening mobile assets、Fixed assets、Incantone assets and management of foreign investment,Reasonable allocation of resources,Improve resource use efficiency,Make sure that state -owned assets are not lost。

Chapter 9  School standards, school emblems, school flags, school motto, school celebrations

Article 79  The overall shape of the school is round,Round outer ring is divided into two halves,Chinese and English school names。Two knives coins combinedPeopleWord,Allegory Education Tree Tree、People -oriented; the abstraction of the knife coins and the square hole coins in the outer circle in the outer circle,Reflecting the characteristics of financial education; at the same time, the shape of the inside of the outer circle is contained in the way of doing things,The surface is open -minded,There are rules on the heart; red brick walls on both sides,It means that school training is red and specialized in financial talents。The school label pattern is:

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Article 80  The school emblem is a rectangular certificate of the school name worn by faculty and students and students。The badge of the badge worn by the staff is red,The color of the school name is yellow; the base color of the badge worn by the students is white,The color of the school name is red。

Article 81  The school flag is rectangular, and the flag surface is blue,A standard combination of yellow school standards and school names printed in the central government.

Article 82  School motto isChengchengShouzheng, the school style isHoude, dedication and strong energy, the teaching style isMingli learns, loves good guidance, the learning style isKnowledge and Fing

Article 83  School school celebration is10month18Day.

Chapter 10  Attachment

Article 84  The formulation and revision of this charter,Those must be reviewed by the school faculty and staff congress、Dean's office review、The school party committee review,issued by the legal representative of the school,Agree with the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance,Published after approval of the Education Department of Jiangsu Province。

Article 85  This charter is the school's self -employment school、Basic standards and basic specifications for implementing management and performance of public functions。Other regulations on the school shall be formulated in accordance with this charter、Modification,Do not conflict with this chapter。

Article 86  This charter has one of the following situations revised:

(1) Educational policies or laws and regulations based on the articles of association changes;

(2) The school organizers and management systems have changed;

(3) The school's school -running philosophy Sky bet app downloadand school goals have changed;

(4) Other circumstances Sky Betthat should be modified.

Article 87  This constitution is explained by the school's party committee.

Article 88  This charter is implemented from the date of release.