Teaching Management
Comprehensive News
Sky Bet app School of Information Engineering held a key teaching work promotion meeting 2024-05-15
Sky bet app download The Teaching Affairs Office held a meeting to convey the spirit of the implementation of our school's "Promoting Society for Key Working Tasks of Teaching Strings" 2024-05-11
sky bet login Digital Business City Regional Readent Research and Co -construction of Agricultural Products Brands New Quality 2024-05-10
sky bet games online Our school held the sixth teaching work conference in the spring semester of 2024 2024-05-06
The School of Finance has a special lecture on "Professor of Industry Professor Entering the Campus" 2024-05-06
The teaching team of "Digital Merchants Xingnong" walks into Xindong Street to carry out a series of e -commerce empowerment community training activities 2024-04-29
The School of Finance went to Fude Life Insurance Company to carry out characteristic teaching and research activities 2024-04-28
Marxist Academy to the Anti -Japanese Mountain Martyrs Cemetery to carry out ideological and political courses for teaching activities 2024-04-26
The School of Accounting Carry out a series of public courses 2024-04-24
Our school held the fifth teaching work meeting of the 2024 spring semester 2024-04-22
"Situation and Policy" Teaching and Research Room and Artificial Intelligence Teaching and Research Office carried out the first collective lesson for this semester ... 2024-04-22
The School of Basic Education Carry out the teaching seminar on "Higher Mathematics" open class teaching 2024-04-18
Our school actively carries out the "corporate mentor" co -construction professional resource library 2024-04-12
The School of Basic Education held the theme teaching and research activity of "Teaching Quality Rectification and Improvement Month" 2024-04-10