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Press time: 2024-07-10 Source: Organization Personnel Office Author: Wang Yizhou Photography: Jiao Jianguang Views:28

July 9th,Our school 2024 summer leading cadre political ability improvement special training classOpen ClassAt the Cadre College of HongqiquHoldMember of the Party Committee and Deputy Dean of the Cadre College of Hongqiqu, Liu Shuwei, attendedCeremonySpeed.Party Secretary Yin Deshu worksMobilization speech, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Dean Fei Xiaoyanand other training courses students participated in the eventOpen Class FitterChen Hongjuan, the Office of the Cadre College of Hongqiqu.

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Liu Shuwei welcomes the arrival of students,Introduced the basic situation of Anyang and Cadre Academy。Hope he hopesAll studentsInherit the spirit of the Red Flag Canal in the rich course and lively on -site teachingKeep training discipline during training,and I wish this training a complete success

Yin Deshu FingerOut, "Self -reliance、Hard entrepreneurial、Sky bet app download Unity and collaboration、The spirit of Red Flag Canal with selfless dedication,Not only the glory and pride of the people of Lin County,It is also a valuable spiritual wealth of inheriting and developing the fine tradition of the Chinese nationRich.

He emphasized,To understand the spirit of Hongqi canal,firm ideals and beliefs,Build the foundation of faithMake the spirit of Hongqiqu spirit the spiritual motivation and struggle pursuit of all cadresTo promote the spirit of Hongqi canal,赓 Continuous red blood,Stimulate the new kinetic energy of the officer to start a businesseffectively transform the effectiveness of this study and education intoDirectors start a businessWork ideas and actual measuresTo inherit the spirit of the red flag canal,Strengthen the cultivation of party spirit,Forever political natureCombining party discipline learning and education with this training,Enhance political fixed force from vivid teaching practiceimprove the ability to perform duties。All cadres should transform the spirit of Hongqiqu into the source of the power of the power of the officer to start a business,Active responsibility as,With perseverance determination、The spirit of courage to take responsibility、The motivation for practical innovation is into the sky bet games online journey of the high -quality development of the school。

The flag -granting ceremony was held in the opening class.This training course period is period5 days,Use a special lecture、On -site experience、Situation Teaching、Interactive interview、Group discussions and other ways to carry out various ways。