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Press time: 2024-07-05 Source: News Network Author: Photography: Views:10

On July 5th, Zhang Shaoguang, member of the school party committee and deputy dean, led the teamGo toThe Jiangsu Provincial Audit Office was carried outExchange LearningThe person in charge of the School of Finance and Taxation,Cui sky bet login Lungang, Director of the Research Institute of Jiangsu Provincial Audit Office、Electronic Data Audit Office、Send three responsible persons to participateThis timeCommunicationWill

Cui Lungang extended a warm welcome to Zhang Shaoguang and his partyAt the meeting, heintroduced the Provincial Audit Office to the participantsIn recent yearsIn team building、Business development、Audit scientific research and other aspects of work,For our school"Trial training" talent training innovation practices represent heightOKHis expects, andOur school is in audit service、Business training、Project Studies、Internship practice and other aspects to carry Sky Bet out more exchanges and cooperationJointly serving local economic and social development,Audit talents for helping rural revitalization career training

Zhang ShaoguangFor provinceAudit OfficeOrganizationalLearning communicationWillExpress thank you. He is comprehensiveIntroduce the history of our school's school running、Audit professional talent training current status and"Trial training" to help the results achieved by the rural revitalization project, etc.He said,My school2021 andLocal government unitsCo -construction7 townships and villages have been “trial training” college student practice base,Sky bet app download Keep exploring the new path of rural revitalization andStrengthen the village audit force, has created a professional brand influence in the local areaHe expects,Both sides can take this as an opportunity,Relying onThe resources and platform advantages of the Provincial Audit Office, the audit major for our schoolProvide support for talent training, promote"Trial training" helps rural revitalization projects to a new level.

This communication learningOur school and the governmentUnits broaden the field of cooperation and provide complementary advantagesNew ideas,To promoteInjecting the construction of audit professionals in our schoolPower source. Next step,Trial trainingThe project team willOpportunities for the construction of artificial intelligence application services (digital finance) in our school as an opportunity,Empowerment big data and audit professional construction improvement and efficiency,Showing a new action。

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