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Press time: 2024-07-05 Source: School of Basic Education Author: Chen Wenhao Photography: Chen Wenhao Views:10

July 2,The Party Branch directly under the School of Basic Education organized teachers and cadres to watch the warning education film "Family Sound"。

Warning educational film through several practical cases,Real reproduction of the Sky bet app download unprepared family style of corruption officials,The statement of the person involved appeared in the case,Deeply analyzed the root cause of their movement to illegal crimes,reveals the importance of family style to the integrity of party members and leading cadres。

After the watch is over,Everyone said,To learn profound lessons from the negative typical case,Putting home style in an important position,Strictly restrain yourself Sky bet app download and your family,The string of tightness and self -discipline at all times,Passing a good family level、Family Pass,Really achieve the Qi family with a low,Effectively build a family integrity defense,Promote the construction of the rotten defense line with good home style,Create a political life together,Create a good and honest atmosphere for the officer entrepreneurs。

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