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Press time: 2024-07-05 Source: Academy of Accounting Sky bet app download Author: Jin Tingting Wang Yiwei Photography: Li Chenyang Views:10

To effectively solve the left -behind child holiday care of families in the predicamentDifficult to take care of and learn a single problem,Help young children in need to spend a full summer of happiness,July 4,The School of Accounting College "Yi Tong Xiangyang" grass -roots service practice group entered Ninghai Street Haisheng Cao Public Welfare Summer Class,Carry out the "Aesthetic Education" volunteer service activity to care for rural children,Light the children's "Sky bet app download Happy Holiday" with actual actions,Enhanced self -confidence to enhance young children、Feeling warmth。

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Members of the Practice Group of the School of Accounting opened the prelude to the event with a smart dance,Patiently decompose every dance action,Guide children dancing in hand,From the initial jerky to gradually skilled,The progress of children is obvious。Interactive link,Everyone enthusiastically shared their feelings and gains in the process of learning dance。This dance activity is not just a simple aesthetic sky bet games online education,It is the communication of the soul and the transmission of emotions,Let children feel care and warmth in activities,It brought the children a dance journey full of vitality and joy,Help them grow up healthy and happy。

The School of Accounting College "Yi Tong Xiangyang" grass -roots service practice groupwill continue to combine its own advantages,Continue to deepen the aesthetic education to help rural revitalization,Caring for rural children with actual actions,Passing love energy,Write the mission of youth with blood and dedication。