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Press time: 2024-07-05 Source: Discipline Inspection Office Author: Li Xue Photography: Yang Shangxian Views:10

According to the school's party committee inspection work arrangement,July 5,The inspection team of the party committeeThe party general branch of the School of Accounting Academy will feedback inspections,The leader of the inspection team Wang Chenjun put forward requirements for inspection and rectification work。Secretary of the Party Branch of the School of Accounting President Meeting。All staff of the Inspection Team and the School of Accounting attended the meeting。

May 29th to June sky bet login 12th,The inspection team of the Party Committee carried out inspections on the Party Branch of the School of Accounting。The inspection team insists on guiding the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping,In -depth study, propaganda and implementation of the party’s 20th spirit,Focus on the responsibility of the function of the inspection party organization,Perform individual conversations,Review the file information,Find in -depth problems、Precise analysis and judgment,Find out some due diligence、Outstanding problems in the party's governance of the party,With the support of all teachers of the School of Accounting, the inspection task was successfully completed。

Feedback to point out,In the past three years,The Party Branch of the Sky bet app download School of Accounting Institute can adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics,Comprehensively implement the party's education policy,Careful implementation of the school's party and government decision -making deployment,Education and teaching、Talent training、Teachers Team、The party's construction has achieved certain results。In the inspection,The inspection team found that and teachers and students reflected some problems,It is mainly to implement the party's route policy policy and the school's major decision -making deployment,Implementation of comprehensive and strict control of the party's main responsibility system is not in place,There are weak links in implementing the party's organizational route Sky Bet in the new era,Implement the inspection and rectification work of the previous party committee is not strong enough。

Wang Chenjun requirements,The Party Branch of the School of Accounting should improve political standing,Give play to the core role of the party's general branch,Promote the deep integration of party building and business,Continuously improve the quality and efficiency of the "one melting and double high";,Efforts to improve the effectiveness of the soul -cast education,Firmly establish "For everything for students,All the work concept for students,Actively guide students to grow into talents;,Comprehensive implementation of the responsibility system for the construction of the party style and clean government,Effectively carrying the strict and strict party on the shoulders、Sky Bet Grab it in your hand,The true tube is true、Dare to manage and strict、Long tube long strict; to strengthen connotation construction,Continuous enhancement of the main consciousness of running school,Realize the industry、Service area、Judging and Weighing、Development goals of open fusion,Promoting high -quality development。

Secretary of the Party Branch of the School of AccountingRepresents,It will conscientiously implement the inspection feedback,Consciously transform the results of inspection and rectification into promotion work、Important motivation to promote development,Contribute more for the school's high -quality development。

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