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Press time: 2024-07-03 Source: Academy of Accounting Author: Wang Hui ​​Photography: Views:10

On the afternoon of July 2,The School of Accounting has carried out "Industry Professor Entering Classroom" teaching activities,Invite Lixin Zhonglian Accountants Jiangsu Branch Professor Lixiang San,Exchange with students with the internship courses with the job,Wang Hui, Dean of the School of Accounting, Presides the event。

Jiang Xiaosan from the perspective of practical staff,Emphasize the importance of the integration of business and wealth,Indicates an accountant responseThis is a solid professional foundation、Diligent work attitude and good team cooperation,and compare the work nature of the enterprise accountants and the accounting firms,Patient to answer questions from students' career,Spell guiding suggestions for students' future career plan。

Wang Hui thanked Sky bet app download Professor Jiang's guidance,and said that industrial professors entering the classroom are a new model for school -enterprise cooperation,Rich teacher team,Optimized teaching structure,It is conducive to improving students' practical ability and innovative thinkingWei.

The School of Accounting will give full play to the role of industrial professors in the future,Further promote school -enterprise cooperation。

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