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Press time: 2024-07-04 Source: Business School Author: Yan Liming ​​Photography: Views:10

July 2,Business School and Gaoxin Retail Group organized the second phase of the "Core Tips Service Protection and Improvement Comprehensive Training Ceremony" in the Library's lecture hall.,Liu Mao'an, Manager of Gaoxin Retail Department,Zhu Jiarong, Manager of the Daunfa Customer Service Center,Manager Wang Hui, Sky bet app download a Gaoxin Retail Office,Zhu Lixian, Dean of the Business School,Jiao Weijia, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Business School,All teachers of the marketing teaching and research room,and 172 students participating in the 22 -level marketing and chain majors participating in this training jointly participated in this ritual。

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At the graduation ceremony,Dean Zhu Lixian affirmed the results of this training,and the future employment of students,Career planning pointed out a new direction。Manager Liu Mao'an, the Ministry of Zixin of Gaoxin Retail, praised the students' confidence and efficiency。21 Marketing 2 Meng Pan delivered a speech as a representative of an excellent student,Share Sky Bet app the significance and value of the job with students。

Subsequent,Manager Zhu Jiarong awarded 2024 outstanding students to 2024 Darunfa "Service Star" honorary certificate and prize,Manager Liu Mao'an, on behalf of Gaoxin Retail to Jiangsu Caixian Vocational College "2024 Runfa Customer Service Training Best Cooperation College" trophy and brocade flags and give away thank you letters。It is worth mentioning is,At this closing ceremony,Meng Pan、Lu Chuan、Zhang Yichen's three students successfully obtained the "Xinhai Talent Training Project" of Gaoxin Retail Group selected,and signed the "Xinhai Talent Training Project Agreement" with Gaoxin Retail Group,This is also the first time that Gaoxin Retail Group has opened a channel for Sky bet app download high -vocational students for higher vocational colleges for higher vocational colleges。

This core position service literacy comprehensive training service service service is "618 major promotion",Total 26 days,Students during trainingUse for us to useProfessional knowledge and enthusiastic service,Completion of work tasks with confidence and efficiency,Keep solving every problem,Through remote skills training and online receipt,Cumulative processing reception customer after -sales consulting service reaches 41484 bill,Customer satisfaction is as high as 90%。

Successful implementation of the "Core Job Service Protection Protection Promotional Training" project,Not sky bet games online only reflects the common pursuit and responsibility of schools and enterprises in talent training,It also shows the infinite possibilities of cooperation and innovation in both parties。Future,With the continuous deepening and expansion of school -enterprise cooperation,I believe that there will be more similar innovation measures for business schools to emerge,Injecting new motivation and vitality into vocational education and industrial development。