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Press time: 2024-07-03 Source: Fiscal and Taxation Academy Author: Ding Qi Photography: Ding Junjie Views:10

On the afternoon of July 2,Qi Jianyang, Party Secretary of the Party Branch of the School of Finance and TaxationGo to Dishu Village, Heilin Town, Heilin Town, Heilin Town, Hollying and Heilin Town Party Committee to hold a party building and co -construction contract and the unveiling ceremony of the "Patriotic Education Base".。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Heilin Town、Mayor Wei Jiechi,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Director of the United Front Commissioner DongHong Song,Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee Gao Ying,Xiong Zhengmin, Party Secretary of the Party Branch of Dashu Village, Heilin Town,Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch of the School of Finance and Taxation、Vice Dean Sheng Yongzhi,Teacher、Student party member representatives sky bet games online attended this event,The meeting was chaired by Dong Hongsong。

Wei JieThe arrival table of the college and his partyShow warm welcome,She introduces the development of Dishu Village, a red village in the country in detail。She said,This school and land cooperation co -construction,The spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on the implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization and the deepening of the deepening and deeper understanding of General Secretary Xi Jinping on promoting the spirit of patriotism、Important expositions to carrying out patriotism education,Adhere to the party's leaders,Based on the actual and characteristics of both parties,Based on co -construction sharing,For the purpose of win -win cooperation,Improve the quality of party building work on the joint construction of the two parties、Promoting innovation development,Make greater contributions sky bet games online to serving local economic and social development and promoting the spirit of the Red Revolution。

Qi Jianyang expressed his gratitude to the enthusiastic reception and careful organization of the Heilin Town Party Committee in his speech。He said,The school has always taken rural revitalization work as a key task,Give full play to the unique role of vocational colleges and talent training,firmly cultivating high -quality talents that are concerned about rural areas to serve farmers based on agriculture。Dishu Village, Heilin Town is a well -known red fortress village in the country,The co -construction of this patriotic education base is the 75th anniversary of the two sides welcoming the 75th anniversary of the motherland、Vivid measures to inherit the spirit of patriotism,Is a party member and cadre、Teachers and students learn the revolutionary tradition in practice、Important opportunities for Planting Sky Bet Patriotic Affairs。He thinks,Commonly built through the party building of the school and co -construction of patriotic education bases,Can further deepen the pairing of both parties and co -construction、Building together、Communist breeding、Resource sharing,Build a large classroom for talent breeding。His periodI hope that in the future, the two parties will insist on party building leaders,Use live red resources,Deepen the extensive development of red education practice activities,To build a red village,The road to reality the "red tree green development" road contributes the wisdom and strength of the institute people。

Qi Jianyang and Wei Jiechi signed a party building and co -construction agreement,Unveiled the co -construction unit for the Patriotic Education Base。

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Co -construction ritualAfter the end,The participating teachers and students were accompanied by Dong Hongsong and went sky bet games online to Dashu Village Liu Shaoqi's old residence to carry out the theme of party discipline and education theme.。A large number of precious revolutionary cultural relics and picture information displayed through the exhibition hall,Everyone deeply remembers the immortal merits of Comrade Liu Shaoqi for the cause of the party and the people for life,I accepted a profound spiritual baptism。

      This co -construction activity,To establish deep integration between schools、Create a win -win mechanism for a win -win -win mechanism,It is an effective way to promote party building work to a new level under the new situation,It is a powerful measure for the college to build a red practical education model。In the later period, both parties will continue to strengthen resources and use each other、Party Member interaction、Assistance mutual assistance and form mutual benefit,Writing a new chapter of co -construction。