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Press time: 2024-07-04 Source: Academic Affairs Office Author: Wang Wenhao Photography: Jiao Jianguang Views:329

On the afternoon of July 3,Our school held a 2024 -level talent training plan promotion meeting Sky bet app download in the conference room 304 of the administrative building。Member of the Party Committee、Deputy Dean Jiao Jianping attended the meeting and hosted。The person in charge of the Academic Affairs Office,Dean of each second college,The writer of the professional training schemes participated in the meeting。

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Jiao Jianping emphasized,To combine the actual work scenario that may enter after graduation,Different scale、Enterprises with different business models、Intermediary agencies carry out career -oriented analysis,Then modify and update the training target sky bet login of talent training plan、Cultivation specifications, etc.;,Curriculum system, especially the course system of professional courses, only covers the basic theoretical knowledge、Basic working skills,Cultivation of students' basic professional literacy、Training students basic career thinking,Moderate control of professional courses, especially the number of theoretical courses;、Advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence,Demonstrating the "two -way empowerment" two -way empowerment "of the" artificial intelligence application service (digital Sky Bet app finance) "of the school's establishment,Skills Cross "Features,Not only must I use artificial intelligence technology to empower the traditional major major,It is also required to master fiscal and taxation for artificial intelligence、Trading、Finance and other fields of knowledge; after the end of the plan is completed,Each college should formulate plans immediately,Reasonable division of labor,Development、Develop curriculum standards。

will be on,The person in charge of the Academic Affairs Office focuses on the revision of the talent training plan of sky bet login new productive development in the revision of the development of new quality、The reasonable and content design of the revision of the talent training plan、Time credits and specification requirements for talent training programs,Work arrangements and deployment。