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Press time: 2024-07-04 Source: Academic Affairs Office Author: Wang Wenhao Photography: Jiao Jianguang Views:10

July 3rd,Our school held national artificial intelligence application services (digital finance) production and education integration sky bet games online community to establish a conference to promote coordination meeting in the conference room 304 of the administrative building.。Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee、Dean Fei Xiaoyan,Member of the Party Committee、Deputy Dean Jiao Jianping attended the meeting and spoke。Member of the Leading Group、Leaders of each working group and related middle -level cadres attended the meeting。The meeting was chaired by the person in charge of the Academic Affairs Office。

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Fei Xiaoyan pointed out,The formation of the integration of production and education is an important measure to build a new mechanism Sky Bet app for the integration of production and education,For the promotion of reform、It is very important to promote development。He emphasizes,Pay attention to,The establishment meeting is both a superior policy requirement,It is a school reform againDemand for development,Show the school image、Important opportunities to promote the development of various work; be responsible for,Division of division of labor,Consider each work to the greatest extent within the scope of the management,Eliminate the occurrence of push、Procrastination;,Establish 7 working groups "one game of chess" thought,sky bet games online Cooperate with each other,Common connection to prepare for preparations; pay attention to details,Thinking with the pursuit of the extreme and complete various tasks。

Jiao Jianping requirements,This establishment conference is the important thing of the school in 2024,Each department must go all out、TongliWork,Relying on this conference,To comprehensively enhance the school's popularity、Promoting school professional construction and high -quality development assistance。

will be on,The person in charge of the Academic Affairs Office introduced the personnel of the leadership group and the preparatory sky bet login work team and the corresponding work responsibilities、Requirements,Members of the leadership group and the person in charge of the relevant preparatory work group conducted analysis and research and work communication on the work arrangement of the preparatory meeting。