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Press time: 2024-07-05 Source: Asset Management Sky Bet Office (bidding office) Author: Photography: Views:10

Bidding Announcement

Sky Bet Bidding conditions

Jiangsu Caixing Vocational College(bidder)Jiangsu Council Vocational College of Mid -level Leading Cadres Economic Responsibility Audit Service (three times)It has been approved and has bidding conditions, now rightJiangsu Council Vocational College of Mid -level Leading Cadres Economic Responsibility Audit Service (three times)Public bidding.

2. Project Overview and Bidding Scope

2.1Project location: Chunhui Road, Haizhou District, Lianyungang City8No. Vocational College of Jiangsu Finance and Accounting

2.2Scope of Tendering:2024-2025Annual Jiangsu Family Council Vocational College launched the audit of economic responsibility for middle -level leading cadres,Completion of the main economic indicators during the term of the term of the leadership cadres,Assets, liabilities, rights and interests,Internal control and risk management and construction,major business decisions and major economic matters,The implementation of the decision system for "three major" decision -making system,Reports issued by the rectification Sky Bet of the incorporate government and the rectification of the previous audit problems,and make management recommendations for existing problems。Other audit items entrusted by the school。

2.3Service period:2year.

2.4The highest bidding limit:0.710,000 yuan/Person.

2.5Determination of the bidding of this project2Name Zhongbiao.

3. Bidder Qualification Requirements

The post -qualification method is adopted for this bidding,The qualification requirements that the bidder should have as follows:

3.1The ability to establish a contract independently,Have an effective business license。

3.2Not in order to suspend business、Bid qualifications are canceled or property is taken over、Frozen and bankruptcy status。

3.3Companies have not obtained the winning bid due to deception or serious breach of contract and major engineering quality、Safety production accidents and other violations of laws and regulations,It was suspended by relevant departments to be eligible for bidding and during the suspension period。

3.4Bidder Qualification sky bet login Requirements: Certified Accounting Affairs Qualifications established in accordance with the law。(Provide a practicing license certificate for accounting firms)

3.5The person in charge of the project to be reported to the bidding unit must be the official employee of the unit and provide social security payment vouchers (must be stamped with the social security center chapter or the social security center participation in insurance payment certification electronic special chapter),Social security payment time is2023year12month-2024year5month.

3.6This project does not accept consortium bids.

3.7Other requirements

1) Bidder、Legal representative、The project leader has no bribery crime record、The bidder will not lend to the qualification、Non -faulty executed person, etc. The bidder promises by the bidder (see attachment)。

2) This project implements the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Opinions of the Establishment of the Establishment of the Unlimited Perspective Punishment Mechanism in Sky bet app download the Bidding and Bidding in the Public Resources Trading" "201823number file requirements.

3) Bidding documents Submit before the deadline,Credit China、Chinese government procurement network is included in the dishonesty being executed、Tax illegal blacklist、Bidders who have serious illegal illegal and dishonest behavior records in government procurement,Rejects it participating in government procurement activities。

Remarks: The purchaser or purchasing agency passes the credit China website (, China Government Procurement Network (,Query the credit record of the bidder,Query results page Print for retain。

4) Other conditions stipulated in laws and regulations.

4. Bid registration and document acquisition

1, registration time and file acquisition time:2024year07month04Day to2024year07month09Day

2、Registration method: Business license、Authorized attorney、ID card signing and stamping scanning parts、Registration Form,Send to80148793@qq.comIf there is no bidding document registration form to the specified mailbox,The bid opening site should be treated with invalid standards

3, the price of each set of bidding documents0yuan, will not be refunded after -sales, please download it by yourself after registration.

5. bidding deadline

Bidding deadline: July 20242410:00 a day

Bidding documents receiving location: Library 115, Library, Library, No. 8, Chunhui Road, Haizhou District, Lianyungang City。

6. Qualification review

This bidding is qualified for qualification review,Qualification review standards are detailed for bidding documents。

7. Bid evaluation method: Reasonable low price method

8. Contact information

Bidders: Jiangsu Caixing Vocational College

Bidder Address: No. 8, Chunhui Road, Haizhou District

Bidder Contact: Teacher Zhang 

Bidder Tel: 0518-85899729

sky bet games onlineJJZR bidding documents-Jiangsu Cailence Vocational College 2024-2025 The economic responsibility audit document of the middle-level leading cadre (three times) .docx

Registration Form.docx