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Press time: 2024-06-25 Source: Jiangsu Certain Institute of Finance and Accounting Author: Jiao Jianguang Wang Lingling Photography: Views:15

     At a gangster at the Jiangsu Certain College of Finance and Accounting,A corridor gently covered by wisteria flowers,It is becoming a bright stage for college education innovation and emotional communication。This is not only a display of natural beauty,It is the sky bet games online college's exploring the new type of education、Deepen the vivid practice of the emotional bond of teachers and students。

The college's original "Wisteria has an appointment, the youth" series of teachers and students exchange activities,Inspiration comes from the gorgeous and elegant of the wisteria flower sea,It means the common pursuit of beautiful things,In -depth fit with the college education concept。The event aims to build an open tolerance、Warm and harmonious communication bridge,Encourage teachers and students to talk freely in the fragrance of Wisteria Flowers,Talk about youth,Share growth,Let education return to its essence in a relaxed and happy environment。

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Each issue,Carefully invite well -known people inside and outside the school,Including school leaders、Outstanding Alumni and Industry Elite,As a friend and role model,They combine personal struggle stories and actual experience,Communicate with students,Surround "Select"、"Muguang · Pass"、"Marriage and Love and Happiness" and other popular issues close to youths,Facing students in academic planning、career development、Confusion in the emotional world,Lights that are brighter for it。

Participating in the student Liang Xinyi shared: "The fragrance of the wisteria flower is like the purification agent of the soul,Compared to traditional indoor Sky bet app download lectures,The communication under the wisteria adds a bit of nature and casual,Let us be more willing to open our hearts,Share the inner dream and doubt。”

"Wisteria has an appointment and youth" event leader、Qi Jianyang, Secretary of the Party Branch of the School of Finance and Taxation, emphasized,This activity is a profound exploration and practice of the ideological and political education of college students in the background of the new era.,It aims to inspire students to face challenges through real life stories,Cultivate a positive and healthy life attitude。

"Next step,The school will continue to expand the breadth and depth of ideology, politics and education,Starting Sky bet app download point with ‘Wisteria has an appointment, youth’ 青,Launched more forms of novelty、A rich activity,Comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality of students,The new era youth contribution to cultivating the new era of youth in the Chinese style modernization。"Zhang Shaoguang, deputy dean of Jiangsu Family President Vocational College, said。

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