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Press time: 2024-07-04 Source: Jiangsu Cailer Vocational College Sky Bet Author: Photography: Views:12

  Newspaper (Reporter Zhang Chenchen Correspondent Wang Haibo) On June 7, the city's philosophySocial Science Lab,This laboratory is co -ordinated by the Municipal Social Sciences Federation of Social Sciences,Relying on the new think tank research force of Jiangsu Certain College of Finance and Accounting Vocational College,Aiming at Social Science Intelligence Calculation、Artificial Intelligence、Big Data and other cutting -edge technologies,Research on innovation and application conversion,Promote the deep integration of local philosophy and social science and advanced information technology,Construction digital facilities,Create a digital base,Establish a localized digital social science system。This move will take the lead in opening the research on the theory of philosophy and social sciences in our city、Achievement conversion、New situation of platform carrier construction,Use artificial intelligence to pry the think tank Sky Bet app research paradigm change。

Book、Internal publications、Artificial intelligence desktop computers and software systems、Network facilities and remote conference systems ... Entering a new think tank sharing space located on the 2nd floor of Building 1 of the National High -tech Zone,In the laboratory of about 300 square meters,There are scientific and technological elements everywhere。Langchain-Chatchat open source search enhanced generation (RAG) large model knowledge base project with offline deployment,Tap a few times a few times,You can instantly complete high -precision text retrieval and knowledge reasoning。"Want to build such a laboratory,The first solution to the facilities equipment。"The person in charge of the laboratory Chen Yongjiang introduced,Their target deployment of 2 to 3 local 6B -8B models,Work requirements for training and fine -tuning of models below 30B,In the future, it is planned to configure 1 major model training server and three major model deployment servers Sky Bet app and scientific research platform servers。

"The country encourages the generation of artificial intelligence technology in various industries、Innovative applications in various fields,Generate positive health、High -quality content to the good,Explore optimized application scenarios,Build an application ecosystem。”Jiangsu Caixing Vocational CollegeDeputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Dean Fei Xiaoyan Introduction,The laboratory will focus on solving the forward -looking nature of local economic and social development、Comprehensive、complexity Questions,Make full use of information technology,Change duplicate low -level research passive situation,Promote in -depth cooperation between various disciplines of philosophy and social sciences and cross -fusion with the discipline of science and technology and medicine,Cultivate and give birth to new disciplines and academic growth points,Leading philosophy and social science research paradigm transformation,Sky bet app download Write theoretical articles on the land of Hong Kong City,Convert the ideological product into real productivity。

Behind this high -precision laboratory operation,It cannot be separated from the strong support of the top innovative talents,At the same time, it will also help improve the ability and level of local social science talents。It is reported,At present, the laboratory has gathered in social science forces and region, property, research resources at home and abroad,Establishing the completion of the West Journey Cultural Research Group、New Media Content Risk Research Research Group and Port Logistics Research Group, including three high -level social science research teams。On the same day,Beijing Fangtang Think Tank is also invited to form a strategic partner with the Municipal Social Sciences,and send a team of expert teams and contract scientific research to participate in the construction of the relevant research group in all aspects。"This is a milestone in the new journey of new Sky Bet app think tanks and local social sciences,It is also the forefront of the province and even nationwide。"Founder of the Fangtang Think Tank Ye Yijian,They will be with the laboratory,Efforts to explore a system and mechanism flexible、The development of new research and development institutions that release the vitality of scientific research,Constantly promoting the prosperity and development of local philosophy and social sciences。

"This laboratory is to build a local philosophy and social science discipline system、Academic System、Important support platform for discourse system,An important base for cultivating philosophy and social sciences and innovative talents,An important carrier of service party committee and government decision -making,Also improves the scientific research system and mechanism、Digital empowerment scientific research conditions、Release scientific research vitality、Test fields for major scientific research research。Social science research Sky Bet app with artificial intelligence,Innovative development concepts that conform to the new quality of productivity。"Municipal Social Sciences Federation Chairman Xianfu said。

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