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Pressing time: 2024-06-28 Source: Jiangsu Cailer Vocational College Author: Wang Yan Liu Fengshuo Photography: Views:10

  June 18,Sucheng Street organizes new employment group skills improvement training activities。This event aims to stimulate the homestay、E -commerce and other new format employment sky bet login group vitality,Gathering "new" power,Comprehensively improving the business ability of the new format's employment group,Better the development of emerging formats in the jurisdiction。

This training is divided into two links: theoretical counseling and practical teaching,Theoretical counseling link relies on the new battery life,Invited the teachers of Jiangsu Council Vocational College of Fundamental College and Business School to use the theme of "Party Construction Leading 'AI+Live" to promote the development of cultural tourism,Application of AI technology in the application of live operation,Help students strengthen e sky bet games online -commerce thinking,Strengthen the students' understanding of e -commerce live operation,Master the e -commerce live broadcast、Skills and skills of short video shooting,Promoting e -commerce development。

"There are simple and practical methods for laying the sheets,Everyone looks at my operation carefully ... ",Teacher Fan Yichao of Lianyungang City Information Technology School through on -site demonstration and interactive teaching,Detailed explanation of the homestay service skills、Equipment operation、room layout、Knowledge of emergency treatment and other aspects,Deepen the students' understanding of the homestay service。

"Thank you street for sky bet games online providing this valuable learning opportunity,Through this rich training,I learned the homestay operation、Related technical knowledge of service,Also allow me to realize the importance of live broadcast of network broadcast for homestay marketing,I will continue to improve the operating level of the homestay in the future,Make the tea incense homestay better。"Tea fragrance homestay housekeeper Yu Deshui said。

Sucheng Street will continue to play a leading role in party building,Coordinating the resources of all parties,Effectively start from the actual needs of the new format employment group,Normalization sky bet login of skill training、Symposium and exchanges related activities,Provide more learning opportunities and development space for new format employees in the jurisdiction,Stimulate the cohesion and combat power of the new employment group,Contribute "new" power to the high -quality development of Sucheng in the new era。


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