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Press time: 2024-07-02 Source: Academy of Accounting Author: Jin Tingting Liu Chang sky bet games online Photography: He Jialin Views:10

To learn more about the growth dilemma of left -behind children,July 1,The "Yiyi Children" grass -roots service practice group of the School of Accounting has entered Ninghai Street Haisheng Cao Public Welfare Summer Class to carry out summer "Sanxiangxiang" social practice activities。

"Yi Tong Xiangyang" grass -roots service practice team members will send the building blocks to children one by one,Patiently guide the children,Encourage them to actively integrate into the classroom,Holding sky bet games online brain,Each child starts freely creation with the company of pairing volunteers,Everyone spent happy and happy time in laughter。

In addition,The practical group also leads children out of the classroom,Jointly visited Lianyungang Dou Dan Demonstration Base,Everyone listened carefully to the introduction of the interpreter,Understanding Dou Dan's growth process and breeding technology,Observe the form of Dou Dan at close range,Through practice, let children experience the magic of nature and the charm of sky bet games online agricultural technology。

This summer "Sanxiangxiang" activity,Not only helps children broaden their horizons,Growth Knowledge,It has stimulated their love for nature and the desire to explore science。

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At the School of Accounting, the grass -roots service practice group of "Yi Tong Xiangyang" interprets love and responsibility with action,Use companionship and teaching to add gorgeous color to the children's summer life。The students of our college will continue to strengthen their ideals and beliefs in practice,Sky Bet Growing ability in hard work,Contribute youth for youth,Taking root grassroots,Service society。