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sky bet login Pressing time: 2024-06-17 Source: Jiangsu Cailer Vocational College Author: Jiao Jianguang Liu Yi Photography: Views:10

May 28, "Praise New Port City New Era of Cultural Tourism -I was held for Lianyungang's endorsement.。This training activity was vocational college of Jiangsu Finance and Accounting、Jiangsu sky bet login Haizhou Bay Development Group、Haizhou Cultural Tourism Group co -organized,The aimed to fully integrate the advantages resources of all parties,Explore the new path of students' multiple talents,Cultivation of new talents in the application -oriented e -commerce industry。

"Dongsheng Shenzhou,Journey to the West。Rich cultural tourism resources have always been an important business card for the economic development of Hong Kong City,It also provides a broad stage for student professional practice。Jiangsu Family Press Vocational College in terms of talent training and social services in the field of digital e -commerce,Always adhere to the brand building and the track of the track。sky bet games online "Jiao Jianping, deputy dean of Jiangsu Finance and Accounting Vocational College, said,"This training,Our school accurately connects to the new track of Lianyungang Cultural Tourism,Take the lead in opening the new era of 'e -commerce cultural tourism',It is the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Jinping, ‘We want to develop vocational education well’,Gathering the vivid practice of developing new productive forces youth forces。”

It is understood,This training will conduct comprehensive marketing and promotion of Hong Kong city cultural tourism products through social platform accounts such as Douyin,Activate the new vitality of cultural tourism brands,Rich on the new connotation of cultural tourism brands。In a 1 month training training,Students will focus on the core advantage of the scenic area,Do a good job of IP marketing with "live broadcast+short video" comes with traffic,System Thinking of "Operating Front+user portrait+data sky bet games online operation and maintenance",Construction of content theme planning、Brand Creation、Content creation、New Media Operation and other links of cultural and tourism integration integration solutions。Final,Forms "Hundreds of people to reward and 100 scenes、Hundred Characteristics、Hundred people create a hundred articles、Hundreds of people to do 100 "all -media cultural tourism IP promotion matrix,to help students fully realize the training and improvement of the comprehensive digital e -commerce skills。

In recent years,Lianyungang culture and tourism consumption have become an important support for improving the vitality of the city and promoting the economic development of Hong Kong City,Especially Lianyungang relies on "Journey to the West"、Shanhai natural resources and unique local characteristics of humanities,Create a series of cultural tourism brands such as "Lianyungang Summer", "Lianyungang Taste", "Lianyungang Diameter", "Lian Island Music Festival"。

"In this" e -commerce cultural tourism "training,Through the four -in -one resources of the school's political banking and enterprises,To create a high -quality content promotion and communication platform with the theme of cultural tourism,to promote the new idea of ​​digital promotion of Lianyungang Cultural Tourism Market、New Trend、New gameplay。I think this is a very valuable one、Things with meaning "Zhu Lixian, Dean of the Business School, said,"This is an inevitable choice for our school's transformation and upgrading from" e -commerce aid "to" digital business "to the brand strategy upgrade of" e -commerce cultural tourism "。”

"They need a platform,We need talents。The launching ceremony of this training is the integration of the industry's industry and enterprise industry、Complement of superior resources、Coordinated development lays a solid foundation。"Han Jiayi, deputy general manager of Lianjima Development Tourism Company, Jiangsu sky bet login Haizhou Bay Development Group。During a month of training period,Participating companies will offer students with professional literacy and job ability training courses for students,Provide internship resources and opportunities for students with excellent performance,Effectively solve the worries of students' graduation employment。

Over the years,Jiangsu Certain College of Finance and Accounting Vocational College has always been committed to the creation of e -commerce to help the agricultural brand and the circuit upgrade and change of the times,Construction of school -enterprise cooperation、School and Local Sacrifice Talent Training Fair,Active innovative talent training new mode,Efforts to write a good article on serving local development。As early as September 2020,It opened the relevant practice of "e -commerce aid" that served local development,and gradually created the "Digital Merchant Xingnong" short video+live brand。For nearly 3 years,Sky bet app download It has continued to export nearly a thousand people such as e -commerce live broadcasts such as e -commerce。

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