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According to the "Jiangsu Family Press Vocational College2024Announcement of High -level Talent Public Recruitment of High -level Talent "for a long time, set in2024Year6month17Hold on the day2024Mandarin recruitment of high -level talents for a long time2Times interviews, the relevant matters are notified as follows:

1. Qualification review

Please4month2In the futureto6month12Candidates who have registered successfully a few days ago and passed the preliminary examination of qualifications6month14Recently, I will have my ID card、Academic degree certificate (foreign academic degree provides the education Sky bet app download certification of the Ministry of Education for the Ministry of Education、Domestic fresh graduates provide the "Employment Recommendation Form") Scan or photos are sent to the Organization Personnel

The interview can be taken after passing the qualification review.

2. Interview

This interview mainly assesss the academic background required to perform the responsibilities of the job responsibilities、Business ability、Scientific research literacy、Scientific research performance、Application of post ideas and education sky bet login and teaching abilities。The total score of the interview is100points, the qualified line is70points, lower than70No.

Interview time:2024Year6month17Day14:30

Interview location: Administrative Building, Jiangsu Council Vocational College404Conference room.

Candidates should participate in the interview at the prescribed time,If the exam does not take the exam or the contact is clearly expressed to give up the exam,All as abandoning test processing。

3, contact information

Contact: Teacher Qi

Contact number:0518-8589971318961378700


Organization Personnel Office