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Press time: 2024-06-03 Source: News Network Author: Photography: Views:10

All units and departments:

According to the relevant file spirit of the upper level,Combined with the actual school,Study Decisions,My school2024Dragon Boat FestivalSpecific arrangements are as follows:

1. Holiday time

Holidays on June 10, 2024, rest with weekends

2. Relevant requirements

1. During the holidays,School duty staff strictly implement the requirements and work reminder of the duty on duty,Grasp the responsibility of work carefully; take a timely recruiting phone call,Do not leave the post without authorization,You must not change the job without working well;

2. Each unit、The department should arrange safety properly、Defense、Fire prevention and other work,sky bet games online If you encounter a major emergencyIncident or emergency work matters, should be reported in time in accordance with regulations and handled properly;

3. Relevant departments must organize the management and service guarantee work of students during the holidays。


                                           The Office of Jiangsu Caixing Vocational College