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Press time: 2024-05-21 Source: Rong Media Institute Author: Liu Qinqin Photography: Tang Siyi Views:10

May 14 -May 15,Rong Media Students Hold a Symposium on Teachers and Students。branch secretary Zhang Luo,Dean Lu Jingli、Teachers and student representatives of all professional courses attended the meeting。

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At the student symposium, the representatives spoke enthusiastically and shareThe study experience of this semester,and put forward suggestions and opinions on the existing problems。College negativeThe person in charge of the person in charge quickly gives feedback on the opinions of the students,Communicate with relevant teachers in time。At the Teacher Symposium,Teachers combined with opinions and suggestions,Improvement around teaching methods、Improve the quality of classroom teaching、Construction of Training Sky bet app download Center、School -enterprise cooperation work and so on.,Put forward rectification measures,At the same time, combined with the actual situation encountered in the teaching process,Development of exchanges。

The convening of the teacher -student symposium,Timely absorbing teachers and students for teaching、Suggestions and opinions for the construction of the college,Promote the improvement of teaching quality improvement in our college、Optimized sky bet games online teaching,Generate positive meaning。