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Press time: 2024-05-21 Source: Rong Media Institute Author: Huang Ting Photography: Huang Ting Views:10

To cultivate high -quality talents that meet the needs of social needs,Promote the implementation of national rural revitalization strategies,May 17th,Lu Jingyan, Dean of Rong Media College, led some professional teachers at East China Malaysia Sky Bet Sister Food Co., Ltd.、Sister Guo Sister Sister Food Co., Ltd. conducts research and negotiate in -depth cooperation。

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During the visit,Lu Jingyan introduced the basic situation and professional characteristics of the college。The person in charge of the enterprise introduced the production process of the company in detail to the college teacher、Core technology、Development plan and other aspects,and give a high evaluation of the professional sky bet games online strength and talent training quality of our school,Looking forward to building a training base in schools and enterprises、Live with goods、Rural Revitalization、Joint training talents and other aspects to carry out in -depth cooperation。

After negotiation,The school -enterprise has reached multiple cooperation intentions,In the next job,will further strengthen interactive communication,Promoting the implementation of the cooperation project to take effect。