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Press time: 2024-05-21 Source: Sky bet app download School of Basic Education Author: Liu Ba Deng Photography: Liu Baoden Views:10

To inherit the dragon boat culture,Show the charm of Chinese excellent traditional culture,Further educate and guide the majority of teachers and students to make a solid consciousness of the Chinese nation community,The Sky bet app download School of Basic Education Joint Accounting School launched the "Traditional Culture Runxin on the afternoon Sky bet app download of May 19,National Friendship Activities for National Unity。The event organized 12 ethnic minority student representatives from the Academy of Accounting,Go to Lianyungang Dragon Boat Association training base to experience the dragon boat culture。

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In the event,Students actively participate in warm -up exercise and interactive experience.Under the guidance of the coach,Unity and collaboration of minority students and members of the Dragon Boat Association、Fun Tongsheng,Show high sky bet login enthusiasm and vitality。

Development of this event,Let our young ethnic minority students feel the excellent traditional culture,Enhance each other's feelings in joint cooperation,Create unity、a good atmosphere of harmony。In the future, our college will continue to carry out "concentric" education and "casting the Chinese nation community consciousness university in action" series of activities,Let the flowers of national unity bloom in the hearts of teachers and students。