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Press time: 2024-05-20 Source: Marxist Academy Author: Zhu Lan sky bet login Photography: Views:10

On the afternoon of May 15th,Marxist Academy and Rong Media Academy jointly heldThoughts of Politics andCurriculum ideological and political integration innovation plan launch meeting,Relevant teacher representatives of the college attended the meeting。The meeting was chaired by Chen Bin, deputy dean of Marxism College。

Will on the way,The two parties conducted in -depth discussions and exchanges on how to strengthen the in -depth integration of ideological and political curriculum and curriculum ideology and politics。Chen BinRepresents,Thoughts and political courses play a leading role in ideological and political education,At the core,It is also a key course for Lideshu people,and proposed the cooperation vision of two colleges in the integration of ideological and political courses and courses。Lu Jingyan, Dean of Rong Media School, said in his speech,Rong media technology provides a broader platform and richer resources for ideological and political education,Through technical means, the content of ideological and political content Sky bet app download can be more vivid、A more vivid way to present it to students,Improve the attractiveness and effectiveness of ideological and political education。

The convening of this launch meeting marked that the cooperation between the two parties in the field of ideological education has taken a solid step,It laid a solid foundation for the cooperation of ideological and political curriculum and curriculum ideological and political integration。It will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the future,Join the in -depth integration of ideological and political curriculum and curriculum ideology,To cultivate a firm ideals and beliefs、High -quality talents Sky Bet with deep love of the country make positive contributions。

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