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Press time: 2024-05-21 Source: Logistics Management Office Sky bet app download Author: Wu Xiang Photography: Views:10

In order,Further strengthen the level of fire safety management at key places on campus,On the afternoon of May 17,Our school organizes fire safety training at the gate of the student cafeteria gate。A total of 15 service units in 15 service units participated in training。

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This training is"Prevention -based,Life first "is the theme。Training content is divided into two links: fire safety theoretical knowledge and on -site fire emergency simulation drill。In training,sky bet games online Our school invited experts in Lianyungang Industry Fire Technology Service Co., Ltd. to popularize fire laws and regulations and safety knowledge for trainers,Explanation and demonstrate how to use the fire extinguisher,Focus on the school cafeteria、The actual situation of the supermarket,Detailed explanation of the cause of the fire、Preventive measures and emergency evacuation related knowledge。In the simulation exercise link,Under the professional guidance of fire experts,The staff of each service unit learned on the spot sky bet games online and actually operated the use of fire extinguishers、The operating process of fire hydrants and the escape skills at the fire scene。Participants have expressed,Deepen the importance of fire safety through learning and personal experience,More profoundly that everyone should become the participants and guardians of fire safety。

Next,Our school will continue to carry out the publicity education publicity activities of various service units in logistics,Make safety management"Red Line" consciousness deeply rooted in people'Sky Bet s hearts,Build a fire safety defense line for our school,Strive maintenance of campus fire safety environment,Ensure the safety of life and property of the majority of teachers and students。