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Press time: 2024-05-21 Source: Trade Union Author: Bira Photography: Views:10

On the afternoon of May 16,School Union invites members of Lianyungang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Room 119 in the Administrative Building"Chinese Medicine Healthcare" activity of "To Love Ou" Health Station Series。

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Event includes popular science lectures, Chinese medicine characteristicsNursing technology bodytest、Blood pressure and blood glucose Sky Bet test、Five categories of traditional Chinese medicine tea drinking and health consultation。

Activity site, the success of the nursing groupMembersCombined with PPT display,Introduce healthy health knowledge with easy -to -understand language,and the phenomenon of physical discomfort and excessive throat for teachers,Lead everyone to do cervical spine exercises andEight Duan JinMake Chinese medicine tea.In order to allow the staff who participated in the event to experience the Sky bet app download efficacy and god of traditional medical technology in traditional Chinese medicineStrange Charm,The members of the nursing group actually operated the fire dragon can、Ear acupoint stickers、Leihuo moxibustion、Copper scrape、TCM nursing technology such as meridian acupoints,Get unanimous praise from teachers.

Next, the school union will continue to openZhanguanai faculty staff physical and mental health series activities,To improve school facultyPopularization of health knowledge,Passing Sky bet app download the concept of scientific health,Enhance the health literacy of teachers to make positive contributions。