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Press time: 2024-05-21 Source: Jiangsu Cailer Vocational College Author: Wang Yan, Liu Baoden Photography: Liu Baoden Views:122

A few days ago,All members of the Party Branch Organization Group Group directly under the School of Basic Education, Jiangsu Council Vocational College、College party member、Member of the Democratic Party、Non -party people、members of the Federation of Leaders and the Confederation of Zhilian to the theme education base of the united front of the Haizhou Sky Bet app District for visit and study,It aims to further strengthen communication and contact with the college party people,Give full play to its important role in the development of the college。

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I listened to the historical origin of the Badge of the theme education base of the Haizhou united front.,experienced the "Tongxin" Cultural and Art Corridor,After visiting the Red Pomegranate Home and Xinlian Station Station,All members said,This research practice not only deepen the understanding and understanding of the sky bet games online United Front work,It also inspired everyone to actively participate in the enthusiasm and power of the united front。The party branch directly under the School of Basic Education will continue to adhere to the party building as the lead,Give full play to the advantages of the united front,Provide a strong guarantee for the continuous development of the college career。

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