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Press time: 2024-05-21 Source: Jiangsu Cailer Vocational College Author: Chen Wenhao Photography: Views:71

A few days ago,Sucheng Street Party Working Committee and Jiangsu Council Vocational College of Foundation Education directly -affiliated party branch to carry out party building and co -construction activities,A cooperation signing ceremony was held on the spot。

In recent years,Sucheng Street vigorously develops Fumin Xingcun project,Constantly promoting rural sky bet login revitalization。Relying on the "One Leaf Fumin" Party Construction Alliance,Integrated "Segee、Production、Sales、Buy "full process,Local brands around "Su Yun" and "Cloud",Focus on promoting local tea landmark products,Help Yunwu Tea brand cultural output。Fully excavate Liyunling Tea Pin Tea Water、Dazhuyuan Kangyang B & B、Resources of Positions and other positions in Baoshan Ecological Garden,Candid "Tea、Subu、text、Brigade "new format,Create Sky Bet app casual fishing、Tourism pick、Pickings and Park、Parent -child amusement、Cultural Research, etc. The "Rich People" complex。Give full play to organizational advantages,Integrated industrial resources,Promote the development of the integration of agricultural and cultural travel。

Next,Sucheng Street will take this contract as an opportunity,Fully excavate college resources、Give full play to the advantages of colleges and universities、Explore the development of schools sky bet games online and land together、New ideas for promoting rural revitalization、New method。

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