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Press time: 2024-05-20 Source: Institute of Finance Author: Wu Yue Photography: Wu Yue Views:10

On the afternoon of May 16,The Party Branch of the School of Finance held an ideological work deployment meeting,The ideological work of the School of Special Research。The meeting was chaired by the Party Branch Secretary Shang Shijun。

The conference sky bet login thoroughly studied the important expositions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on ideological work and the "Key Point of Establishment Work of the Estate of Jiangsu Finance and Association in 2024",and research and deployment of the recent ideological work of the college and the key tasks of the next stage。

Meeting requirements,Ideological work is an extremely important job of the party,To deeply understand the new era of ideology work in the sky bet games online new Sky Bet Sky bet app download era、New requirements,Combined with the actual situation of the School of Finance,Strictly implement the ideological work responsibility system;,Always maintain a sober mind; to strengthen the responsibility as,Pay close attention to the implementation of various tasks; serious work discipline,Constantly improving the working mechanism,Provides a solid guarantee for the school's high -quality development。

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