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Press time: 2024-05-17 Source: Student Work Office, Dream Building Growth Counselor Studio Author: Fangxu Photography: Xie Hui Views:10

sky bet games online To further strengthen the construction of our school counselor team,Improve the quality of the counselor,Actively promote the development of professionalization and expertization of the counselor team,May 16th,Our school hosted the second phase of the counselor Salon in the 2024 in the whole media training room。This salon invites the deputy department (office) of the student work department (office) of Yangzhou University、Director of Student Party Construction Guidance Center Zhou Chao's theme exchange,Participate in all counselors,The event sky bet login is chaired by the person in charge of the Student Work Office。

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Zhou Chao combined with its own growth and work accumulation,"Practice True Kung Fu,Take a good career road "as the topic to share with the counselors,Development from college counselorsProcess and new development stage、"One -stop" student community value and realistic model、The dilemma and confusion of the personal growth of college counselors、Personal cultivation of college counselors in the new era provides direction for the career development of the counselor。Zhou Chao said,Counselor needs Sky bet app download to practice "writing", "Talking", "Making Gong", "Singing Gong", "Research Gong", and "Real Color", "Power Institute of Instinct", "Struggle", ",can we become a firm flag bearer in future jobs、Diligence who learns good thinking、Innovative and aggressive players and helper for teaching。

After the theme sharing,Zhou Chao and counselors communicate with the specific issues of the educational brand construction and quality capacity competition。

The school will continue to improve the working mechanism、Reinforcement Demonstration Leading、sky bet login Focus on communication and collaboration,Multiple measures and continue to strengthen the construction of counselor teams,Cultivation of educating people,Improve the professionalization of the counselor team。