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Press time: 2024-05-20 Source: Academic Affairs Office Author: Wang Wenhao Photography: Xie Hui Views:547

May 17th,Our school held Sky Bet app an expert Sky bet app download report for digital textbook construction experts in the conference room 119 of the Administrative Building,Editor -in -chief of Tangtang, China Finance and Economic Press, was invited to make special counseling reports。The person in charge of the Academic Affairs Office,Dean of the second -level college、Deputy Dean,Director of the Teaching and Research Office、Professional leader、Course and textbooks attended the meeting。The report will be members of the party committee、Vice Dean Jiao Jianping hosted。

Jiao Jianping emphasized,The Sky Bet app construction Sky Bet of digital textbooks is a powerful measure to implement the national education digital strategy,Teachers of our school must actively change our concepts,Construction of digital textbooks and curriculum、Connection of the construction of teaching resource libraries,Digital transformation to empower higher vocational education and high -quality development。

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Tangtang combined with the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" "Implementation Plan for the Construction of National Planning Materials for Undergraduate Planning of General Higher Education"sky bet login ,Explained Sky Bet the importance of digital textbooks,He said,Digital textbooks are the inevitable results of market development,It is the front condition of paper textbooks,is a feasible solution for overtaking in the curve。On the basis of interpretation of the basic requirements of new form of form,Through specific cases,The composition and construction ideas of the digital textbook platform system are introduced in detail。

This report will promote the digitalization of education in our school,Deepening the "Three Education" reform is important。Through Sky bet app download this Sky bet app download report meeting,Our school will further change the concept of education and teaching information,With the help of informatization,The construction of textbooks as a carrier,Digital transformation method,Empowering the high -quality development of schools。