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Press time: 2024-05-16 Source: Student Work Office Author: Yang Min Photography: Jiao Jianguang Views:10

To study and implement the 20th spirit of the party,Implementing the fundamental task of Lide Shushu,Constantly improving the quality of talent sky bet games online training,Further strengthen the construction of excellent academic style,On the afternoon of May 15th,Our school held a special action mobilization meeting of 2024 Xuefeng Construction in the Library's lecture hall。Member of the Party Committee、Deputy Dean Zhang Shaoguang,The Propaganda Department of the Party Committee、Academic Affairs Office、Academic Affairs Office、League Committee、Relevant person in charge of the secondary college,All counselors and student representatives attend the meeting。

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Zhang Shaoguang used "Strong Study Wind, Heavy Du Xing,Accelerate the high -quality development of schools as the theme Sky Bet app of mobilization speech,He pointed out,To fully understand the significance of the construction style,Strengthening the long -term development of the school for school、Cultivation of talents is important,Through systemic measures,​​Form a joint force,jointly promote the continuous improvement of school talent training and other undertakings; scientifically analyze the situation and tasks faced by school style construction scientifically,Study attitude of correcting through special education、Frequently grasping regular management to create a learning atmosphere、Strict supervision and ensuring sky bet games online construction effects, including the construction effect, ten specific measures to comprehensively strengthen the construction of the academic style; the key to the construction of academic style is to do a good job of team building,To give full play to the functional department、Teachers of Lesson、Counselor、Class teacher、Student party members and backbone condense effort,Coordinated promotion of learning style。

 Will on the way,The person in charge of the Propaganda Department reads the "Advanced Collective of Commendation for Commendation 2023-2024 The first semester of the first semester of the academic year、Decision Sky bet app download of Advanced Personal Personal "。The person in charge of the Student Work Office introduced the implementation plan of the special action construction in 2024,Specific arrangements and deployment of related matters,Clarified the goals and specific measures of the main tasks and measures。

Zhao Ge、Guo Mengyao made a statement on behalf of the counselor and students, respectively。