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Press time: 2024-05-16 Source: School of Information Engineering Author: Wu Tong Tong Photography: Views:10

In order to further cast the consciousness of the Chinese nation community,Deepen Education of National Sky Bet Unity and Progress,Our school held the achievement exhibition of "non -legacy 'flowers' inheritance' cultural revitalization actions" at the traditional cultural base on May 15th。Member of the School Party Committee、Deputy Dean Zhang Shaoguang,School League Committee、The person in charge of the School of Information Engineering attended the event,Student representatives from colleges attended。

This results report exhibition is performed by national song and dance、National Food Experience、Three parts of non -heritage art display。The event kicked off in the dance "Gengma UP" full of national sky bet login characteristics,Ethnic minorities students wear different styles、Gorgeous national costumes actively participate,I brought you a wonderful dance performance,Competition to show the style of all ethnic groups。

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National characteristic food experience becomes a big highlight of the event,attracted many students to participate,Everyone produces under the leadership of ethnic minorities、Taste the unique food of national characteristics,Experience ethnic style in cooperation and exchanges,Feel the charm of national culture。

The non -heritage art exhibition area shows the round dustpan painting Sky bet app download created by students、Silk enamel、National Wind Disk Painting、Many works in the design of illustrations,Students will make the dustpan、Metal wire、Combination of paper tray and traditional painting skills,Ethnic elements、Hometown traditional culture integrates creation,Painting with meaning,Show the country's feelings through some works、Demonstrate cultural self -confidence。

This activity relies on the school's "Concentric Education Practice Base" and "Red Pomegranate Home",It is a concentrated display of the results of the school's solidarity of the Chinese nation'sky bet games online s community consciousness education practice activity。Next,The school will continue to carry out through various cultural activities,Build more communication bridges,Work hard to do practical things for ethnic minorities teachers and students、Do good deeds,Continuously cultivating a new era good youth with a strong sense of national pride and social responsibility。