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Press time: 2024-05-16 Source: Party Committee Propaganda Department Author: 卞 晔 Photography: Xie Hui Views:10

May 16th,Our school held the party committee center group to expand the study meeting,Special Learning Xi Jinping's important spirit of "Preface" for the sixth batch of national cadres to learn and train textbooks。School Party Secretary Yin Deshu Learn,Member of the Party Committee、Deputy Dean Jiao Jianping sky bet login made a focus speech。Members of the whole center group attended the meeting,Office、Discipline Inspection Commission Office、Study Office、The person in charge of the security office,Secretary of the General Party Branch (Direct Party Branch) attended the meeting。

Yin Deshu emphasized,To improve political standing,In -depth understanding of the important spirit of "Preface",Perseverance uses Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics to cast the soul,Deepening、Internalization、Conversion of Kung Fu,Really learned the Herbalist's housekeeping skills,Ensure political unity with a high degree of ideology、Unified action,Effectively turns the Sky bet app download grand blueprints depicted by the party into a beautiful reality; learn to use the sixth batch of national cadres to learn and train textbooks,Vigorously promote the theoretical connection of the actual Marxist style,Scientific formulation and implementation of the annual plan of cadre education and training,Efforts to improve the quality of the "double leader" cultivation work,Political capabilities that comprehensively improve and promote the modernization of Chinese -style modernization、Leaders、Work ability;,Forging loyal and clean cadre team,Establish and practice the correct view of power、Performance concept、Care view,A firm action school for good Chinese -style modernization、Standard home。

Jiao Jianping revolves sky bet login around "Learning Soul,Struggling responsibility,British Promotion "is the key speech。His request,To learn to cast soul、firm ideals and beliefs,Continue to strengthen the party's innovative theoretical armed forces,continuously leads to study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics;,Promoting career development,Deepen the quality of classroom teaching、Accelerate the digital construction of education,Strive for more iconic results,To comprehensively improve the level of education; strengthen the ability to enhance、Improve the ability to perform duties,Actively build a platform,Leading teachers' professional growth,Efforts to dig Sky Bet app deep into the internal dive,Promoting school connotative development。

The person in charge of the office audit、Dean of the School of Accounting、Party Branch Secretary of the Party Branch of the School of Finance and Tax,High -quality Development of Service Schools "," Deep understanding theoretical power,Evergront high -quality development "," Persist in theoretical contact actual situation,Continuously Improve the ability and level of service teachers and students "as the title to experience the speech。

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