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Press time: 2024-05-16 Source: Jiangsu Cailer Vocational College Author: Zhuang Tingting Chen Xiaoyan Yang Yonggang Photography: Views:10

The tide of openness comes from the depths of history,Go to the new future。Forty years of hard work,Forty years of unremitting exploration,In the history of China's reform and opening up,Lianyungang left a series of solid footprints,Opening has become the most important gene in Lianyungang's development。To further create a new era、Struggle New Journey,Comprehensively promote the new practice of Chinese -style modern Lianyungang,Accelerate sky bet login the strong atmosphere of high -quality development "post -start first",This newspaper has launched a series of reports of "" Lan "in the World Map",Global perspective,Select cities related to our city on the world map,Tell the story of them with Hong Kong City,Bring it with a point,Multi -angle presents the fruitful results obtained by the city's opening up。Please follow。

northern in Laos,There is a place called Langnan Province,The border of its provincial capital Langanta City and my country Yunnan,With the beautiful Nanda River and the iconic Golden Dingba。In this quaint city,Many young people choose to study in China。

Due to study abroad cooperation project,Lianyungang has become a popular place for young people in Langan Tower,Also allows Langnan Tower to have many elements of Lianyungang。From the humid sub -hot belt to the four seasons of the four seasons,From the inland inland around the mountains to the magical romantic seaside,Students' way to study across the mountains and sea will "connect" two cities together。

Speaking of Langnan Tower,Maybe many Chinese people will feel strange。This cities bordering Yunnan can see Chinese character logo,Passing from the Mushuo Port in Xishuangbanna,I arrived at the Special Economic Zone of Langan Tower。

Night low,It brought a hint of coolness to the hot Langnan Tower all year round。The night market in the city ushered in the most lively moment,Several stools set up a table,Is a food stall。Before a family of loquat stalls,Lina is chatting with two friends。

"I strongly Sky bet app download recommend you to study in Lianyungang,Where there is a sea,There are special teachers,People are also very kind。"Lina is the first Laos graduate of Jiangsu Ocean University。2018,Lina, who years for China to understand Lianyungang through the Internet,I have a strong interest in the cities embraced in this mountain and sea。After learning about Jiangsu Ocean University recruiting Laos students,She successfully applied for studying abroad,Study in international trade major。

"People who have studied in China can usually find a good job when they return to Laos,Very popular。"After graduating in 2021,Lina returns to Laos to engage in translation work。"I used to translate in Xiaoto Mine in the Nongbo Mining Area in Pengxia, Laos,Where the 1 million tons of potassium fertilizer projects are designed by Lianyungang's Zhonglan Lianhai Design Research Institute,This makes me feel kind and proud。I miss the years when I am studying in Lianyungang,The urban environment is very good,The most important thing is that I learned knowledge,Let me find my current job。I still miss the little fish pancakes there now、Doldfish,Also learned。"Recent,Lina has begun to pay attention to the streets on the street,She wants to open a snack bar,Sell Lianyungang's food,Let more people feel the taste from Lianyungang。

Lina and several students are planning to set up a Lianyungang International Student Association,Leisure time,Friends who will have the same study abroad experience、Classmates Xiaoju,Missing the seaside sky bet games online city of thousands of miles。

Not far away from Lina and friends at Lina,There is a border trading company,There are both Laos and Chinese characters on the big signboard。"Lianyungang? That is a good place,My daughter is reading there。"The daughter in the boss's mouth is Yang Xingxing,Is Lina's sister,Studies at computer information engineering at Ocean University of Jiangsu。

This 24 -year -old Yang Xingxing ranked second at home,Her skin is white and clean,There is no two -like with the Chinese。"I and my family are talking about Yunnan dialect,We also spend the Spring Festival。Perhaps because I am a ‘Han family’ (Han ’s Han nationality),Born to have a good impression on China,My name is my real name。”

2023,Yang Xingxing learned that when the university and the Langan Tower province in Langan Tower have an international student cooperation project,I did not hesitate to report the name。"In our local,Many people know Lianyungang in China,I also like this city very much,I also want to go to Sun Wukong’s hometown to see,I hope to learn advanced knowledge。"Yang Xingxing said。

Together with Yang Xingxing to study in Lianyungang, there are Wang Li。Langnan Tower gathers many Laos ethnic minorities,The province with the most minorities in Laos。22 -year -old Wang Li is one of the three major ethnic groups of Laos,Typical Southeast Asian girls。Her parents are all university teachers,She always likes China,The first city to China is Lianyungang。

"I am particularly obsessed with China's block word,Good attitude。sky bet games online Many people around me have been to Lianyungang,I introduced me to this city,Lianyungang is the earliest batch of open coastal open cities in China,Still the strong branch city of the intersection of the Belt and Road ",is the hometown of Sun Wukong in "Journey to the West",So I choose to study abroad。"Wang Li said。

October last year,Yang Xingxing、Wang Li and 49 Laos students together,Come to Jiangsu Ocean University,Opening their foreign country to study。

"I don't know Wang Li and Wang Li when they are in Langnan Tower,It is because you have to come to study because you have to come to Jiangsu Ocean University.。巧,Our sister is actually the same classmate,And now studying at Xihua University in Sichuan。"from the same place,There is a relationship with this layer,Two girls have become good friends。

When I asked them the deepest impression of Hong Kong City,Two people shouted a word in the same way- "Cold"。"We are hot all year round,Only rainy and dry season,I saw snow for the first time in Lianyungang,First cover a thick quilt,I bought the first down jacket in life。Also seen the sea for the first time,It's too spectacular。”

Affected by family,Two people have different plans for the future。Wang Li wants to go back as a teacher,Yang Xingxing hopes to continue to engage in the previous logistics business。

Whether it is Lina or Yang Xingxing and Wang Li,Not the first batch of international students from Laos in Hong Kong。As early as 2017,Jiangsu Vocational College of Finance and Administration signed an agreement with Langan sky bet games online Tower Province,Carrying out an international student cooperation project。Subsequent,Jiangsu Ocean University also launched an international student cooperation project with Langanta Province。Now,There are 120 Laos students in Hong Kong City studying in these two schools。

Fan Rong is a teacher of Chinese international education in Jiangsu CPIC Vocational College,It is also one of the class teachers of the school's Laos international student class。"Our school has so far in 3 batches of Laos students,I am the class teacher of the 19th session。Most of my students returned to China after graduating,Working or trade work。They are all very simple children,Some students now have contact with me,Encountered the Spring Festival and Teacher's Day,Will send WeChat blessings。They all miss the days when they go to school,I also recommend those around you to read Lianyungang。”

"Since 2019,Our school recruits a total of more than 700 students。At present, international students in the school mainly come from 29 countries to co -built ‘Belt and Road’ countries。"The person in charge of the International Exchange and Cooperation Department of Jiangsu Ocean University said。

In recent years,Our city has always attached importance to foreign education exchange,Especially since the proposal of the "Belt and Road" initiative has been proposed,Grasp the opportunity to open up education in the new era,Persist in "introduction" and "going global" together,Efforts to expand the external communication platform,sky bet games online Optimize the foreign cooperation system,Optimize the foreign cooperation system,Strengthen educational cooperation with the "Belt and Road" countries,Further promote the training of international talents、International Cooperation of Scientific Research。Over the years,Our city cultivates a total of Russia、Kazakhstan、Gilgisstan、Turkmenistan、Uzbekistan、Mongolia、Indonesia、Thailand、Laos、Vietnam、Morocco、Rwanda、Nigeria、More than 1,000 students in various students in countries such as Cortda,Establish "Lianyungang Central Asian Student Training Base"。2021,Jiangsu Ocean University was approved and cooperated with the Ukrainian Marcalov National Shipbuilding University in the world in the world's ship industry to co -build a non -independent legal person Chinese and foreign cooperative school -Macarolov Marine Engineering Institute,Carry out undergraduate、Master's Education。

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