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Press time: 2024-05-15 Source: Discipline Inspection Office Author: Li Xue Sky Bet Photography: Jiao Jianguang Views:10

For the push of party discipline learning and education deeply,May 15,Our school went to the "Integrity Capital" Integrity and Warning Education Base to carry out on -site warning education activities,Member of the two committees、The person in charge of the second -level party organization、The person in charge of each branch of the agency participated in the event。

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All staff visited the Political Classes、Learn from the case、Chongfa Shangji、Four exhibition areas inherited by home style,Integrity sky bet login Classroom Listen to illegal criminals to remotely appear in the statement,Receive feelings to depart from the original heart、A profound lesson brought by abandoning ideals and beliefs。All personnel under the leadership of the party committee secretary Yin Deshu,Read the "Proposal of Integrity" together。

Real and vivid picture information、A shocking cases、A remorse of a sealing person,All visitors recognize the bottom line、Awe of Awe,Disciplinary rules are the "amulets" and "Pushinger" of the party members and cadres who sky bet login start their own business.。Everyone said,Through on -site warning education activities,Further recognize the importance and urgency of party discipline learning and education,Opportunity will take party discipline learning and education,Incorporate learning into daily、Grab it frequently,Use party rules and party discipline correction thoughts and actions,Adhere to self -alert and self -introspection、Prevent micro -Du Jie,The process of truly learning party discipline a enhanced discipline awareness、The sky bet games online process of improving party spirit cultivation,Efforts to transform the results of party discipline learning and education into the actual results of promoting high -quality development of work。