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Press time: 2024-05-15 Source: Tendering Information Network Author: Photography: Views:10

 Bidding Announcement

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Project name:2024New Boat Festival Welfare Procurement

Purchasing method: Competitive consultation

Procurement requirements: 2024 Dragon Boat Festival benefits about 343 copies,Divided into a standard segment。

400 yuan in supermarket pickup vouchers,Report the return ratio directly when bidding;

This project is planned to choose two middle -standard units for specific arrangements.,Unified distribution。

Questions about the requirements of the project、Questions, please contact the buyer,Sky Bet The buyer is responsible for answering。

2. The qualification requirements of the applicant

(1) Conditions that meet Article 22 of the "Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China",Provide the following materials:

1.Certificate documents such as legal person or other organizations,Natural person's identity certificate;

2.2022or2023Annual financial status report;(Can promise)

3.Related materials to pay taxes and social security funds in accordance with the law;

4.Proof materials for equipment and professional technical capabilities necessary for performing the contract;

5.Written statements of no major illegal records during the business activities in the first three years before the government procurement activities;

(2) Other qualification requirements:

1.response document Submitting the Sky bet app download "Credit China" website before the submission deadline (, China Government Procurement Network ( Intellectualized person、List of the parties of major tax illegal cases、Consultants who have serious violations of laws and trustworthiness in government procurement,Refuse it to participate in government procurement activities。(Remarks: Purchase or purchasing and bidding office through the Sky bet app download "Credit China" website (, China Government Procurement Network (,Query the supplier's credit records,Query results page Print for retain。)

2.This project does not accept the consortium for consultation,Do not transfer or subcontract after the transaction。

3.Other conditions stipulated in laws and regulations.

Third, the delay time and place of the receiving file:

1、Registration time and document acquisition time: May 15, 2024 to May 20, 2024

2、Registration method: Business license、Authorized attorney、Signature and stamped and scanned parts、Registration Form,Send to。If there is no bidding document registration form to the specified mailbox,The bid opening site should be treated with invalid standards

3, the price of each set of bidding documents0yuan, do not retreat after -sales, please download it by yourself after registration.

4. Submitting time and place of application file

1The deadline for submitting the application file is:2024Year05month27Day15:00

2, location: Library115Room

Five, this purchase contact items:

Procurement Unit: Jiangsu Caixing Vocational College

Contact address: Chunhui Road, Haizhou District, Lianyungang8number

Contact: Teacher Bai

Contact number:0518-85899831

6. The number of production of the bidding documents:

Please provide a bid letter:Number of originals:1Number of copies:2

7. Other explanation matters:

1、The funds in this document ★ The money is the substantial response condition,Conditions that must be obey,If it is not satisfied, it will be processed by invalid response file。

2、The announcement of the announcement of this project: The official website of Jiangsu Cailence Vocational College。

Jiangsu Caixing Vocational College


Attachment:Registration Form.docx

Attachment:2024 Dragon Boat Festival welfare procurement bidding section D.DOC