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Press time: 2024-05-13 sky bet loginSource: Marxist Academy Author: Yan Kang sky bet games onlinePhotography: Views:21

On the afternoon of May 12,Secretary of the Party Committee Yin Deshu led the Marxist Academyand other relevant units in charge,Go to Siji Mu Ge Co., Ltd. to carry out special operations to visit enterprises,Xu Guodong, vice president of Siji Muge Co., Ltd., enthusiastically received in charge。

Yin Deshu understands the employment needs of the company in detail,Emphasizing the special actions of visiting enterprises and extension posts to improve the quality of school sky bet games onlinetalent Sky Bet apptraining、Promote the full employment of graduates、The importance of forming a new product for new quality,At the same time, it affirmed the development results of Siji Muge Co., Ltd. from starting a business and its important contribution to the city's economic and social construction。

Xu Guodong extended a warm welcome to the arrival of our school and his party,Detailed introduction of the development process of Siji Muge Co., Ltd.、Business Strategy、Corporate culture and party building work。Explanation of the opportunity to Sky Betuse this Sky Betvisit to the enterprise,Promote the construction of a new platform for school -enterprise cooperation,Based on the integration of production and education,Strengthen the talent forces of corporate talents,Commonly help graduates high -quality employment。

Through this visit to the enterprise extension,Not only helps our school's innovative student training mode、Optimize talent training plan,The same frequency resonance of realizing talent training and local social development and sky bet loginmarket demand,At the same Sky Bettime, it helps to provide high -quality and skillful talents for enterprise development,To achieve complementary advantages。