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Press time: 2024-05-11 Source: Fiscal Taxation Academy Author: Liu Yaope Photography: Wang Yizheng Views:10

forFurther improve the awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation of teachers and students,Enhance the ability of emergency hazards and self -rescue and rescue,May 10,The School of Finance and Taxation organizes new students to visit Lianyungang Fire Experience Hall。

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A total of a fire foundation in the museum、sky bet games onlinesky bet loginFire prevention、Fire extinguishing disposal、Five major sectors including fire field escape and hazardous chemical safety。Students pass the multimedia interactive game in the museum、IoT Technology,Learn to understand the basic knowledge of fire safety and the principle of construction fire facilities,and through simulation scenes and experience items,Effectively master fire safety skills。At the youth self -protection education center,Everyone understands daily safety Sky BetSky Bet appprecautions,and systematically learned related self -rescue knowledge。

This visit is one of the activities of the college's national disaster prevention and mitigation day promotional education.,Students have not only learned a rich knowledge of disaster prevention and mitigation,It also improved its own emergency avoidance ability。Our hospital will continue to strengthen the publicity and education of disaster prevention and mitigation knowledge,Create a safety together、Harmonious campus environment。