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Sky Bet appPress time: 2024-05-13 sky bet loginSource: School of Information Engineering Author: Gao Xinrong Photography: Views:10

 May 9th,The School of Information Engineering held a student safety work conference and disaster prevention and mitigation publicity and education deployment meeting。All counselors of the college attended,The meeting was chaired by Sun Jia, deputy secretary of the party branch。

The meeting conveyed the relevant content of the school's recent student work meeting on safety work,Conference emphasized,Sky BetWe must firmly grasp the general tone sky bet loginof the steady progress work,Implement the responsibility for the safety work of the detailed safety,Resolutely overcome the thoughts and fluke of loose paralysis; strengthen the investigation of hidden safety hazards,Do not walk the field、No dead corner,Regularly sort out the hidden dangers of the risk,Enhance the ability to resolve risks; to increase campus safety publicity,Use the theme class meeting、Student activities and other carriers do a good job of class Sky Betsafety construction,sky bet loginLet students from class to class,From class to dormitory,Strings of tight safety from school to off -campus。

Students' safety is the primary task of college work,The college will always take students' life safety、Healthy growth is placed in the first place,Strengthening safety awareness,Keep the safe red line,Constantly improve the level of safety education,Commonly maintaining campus security and stability。

At the meeting, the School of Information Engineering "5·12National disaster prevention and mitigation Sky bet app downloadday "publicized and educational activities carried out specific deployment arrangements。

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