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Pressing time: 2024-05-14 Source: Rong Media Institute Author: Lu Lu Sky bet app downloadPhotography: Wang Yinuo Views:47

In the afternoon of April 23,melting mediaThe Party Branch directly under the School of Sports School enters Liuyunling Village,Carry out "Strict Organization Discipline,Forging excellent style "theme party day event。

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In the History Museum of Liyunling Village,A photo of the old one、Page pages of yellow paper、Performable physical objects、The restore scenes are about the history and changes of Liuyunling Village,Freshly displayed in the 1960s and 1970s,Village cadres work hard、sky bet games onlineThe spirit of self -reliance,Efforts to make the village history museum into a villager culture center、Party spirit refine base、Drop Disposal in the Place of Integrity Education,Provide a self -education for the party members and the masses,Self -motivated place。Visiting Learning,The students saw the work performance and excellent style of each village branch letter,More profound understanding of the importance of party style and party discipline,It is also more firm。

In addition,The active members of the party also visited Sky Betthe beautiful rural construction results of Liuyunling Village -the tea production process of Liuyunling。Explanation of village cadres,The students learned about the tremendous changes under the strategy of Li Yunling Village under the strategy of rural rejuvenation,and the vivid practice of common prosperity under the leadership of the villagers。

Next,The party branch directly under the School of Rong Media will continue to strengthen theoretical learning and practical exercise,Perseverance of Persistence,Help party style and clean government Sky bet app downloadconstruction and anti -corruption work deeply,Enthusiastic the enthusiasm of the work inspired by party discipline learning and education into a strong motivation for promoting the high -quality development of the school。