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Press time: 2024-05-14 Source: Rong Media Institute Author: Lu Lu Photography: Wang Yinuo Views:42

In the afternoon of April 22,Volunteers of Rong Media College walk into Lingzhou Community, Yingtai Street,Carry out "Volunteer in the Heart,Services "Youth Volunteer Service Activities。

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Before the start of the volunteer service,Outstanding community workers in Yundai Street held a volunteer professional ability training,Share the implementation methods and experiences of public Sky Bet appSky Betwelfare activities to volunteers,Introduce various civil affairs policies for the community,Distribution work leaflet,Clear work content,Let each volunteer raise service awareness,Do this volunteer service work。

After the training is over,Volunteers go to the Lingzhou community to arrange the venue。In the event,Volunteers issue policy leaflets,Patiently explaining the content of the policy of benefiting the civil affairs to the residents,Ask the residents' needs and patiently answer Sky Betsky bet games onlineSky Bet appthe questions of the residents。

This May 4th Youth Day Volunteer Service Activities, let students beI exercised my own practical skills,firm determination to serve society,The purpose of serving the people with actual actions。At the same time,By popularizing the policy of popularization of civil affairs to community residents,Not only improves the awareness rate of residents' policy,It also enhances their sense of gain and happiness。Rong Media College will continue to participate in volunteer servicesIndustry,Create an off -campus volunteer service brand,Participate in more extensive community services。