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Press time: 2024-05-13 Source: Institute of Finance Author: Wang Jingjing Photography: Yang Xinran Views:10

On the afternoon of May 10,The Student Party Branch of the School of Finance Sky bet app downloadcarried Sky Betout the "Hui Life · Yue Life" Party Day event。Event invites the community Zhang Meiying guidance。

Activity scene,Zhang Meiying explained the origin of Yan paper and Yan paper culture。The basic roll type of Yan paper was learned like a tight volume、Songjuan、Tear Drops, etc.,Teachers and students use full enthusiasm and rich inspiration,The thin strips in the hand in the hand are in one "volume", "sticky"sky bet games sky bet loginonline,Interpretation of the beauty of the art of Yan paper。Cute by teachers and students,Finally, I gradually created a beautiful handicraft。

      Through this activity,Teachers and students experienced the fun of handicraft,I exercised handmade labor ability,strengthened the inheritance and protection of Yan paper non -heritage skills。

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