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Press time: 2024-05-13 Source: School of Information Engineering Author: Wang Zhen Photography: Views:10

May 10th, information workerDean of Cheng School Wang Zhenying TCL's Gecho Chuangzhi Technology Co., Ltd. invites,Go to Suzhou TCL Huaxing Optoelectronics 4.0 Intelligent Factory to visit the enterprise development work。This work aims to thoroughly understand the cutting -edge technology and talent Sky BetSky Betneeds of high -end intelligent manufacturing,Discuss new ways of school -enterprise cooperation,Research on the implementation of the special cooperation training project of the on -site engineer,Provides students with information technology related to our school with broader employment opportunities and practical platforms。

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Visit link,Relevant person in charge of the company introduced Wang Zhen's advanced production line and industrial Internet application,Detailed explanation of the development process of the TCL Group in the layout of the entire industrial chain of the semiconductor chip,and in SOC、Show movement、Technical innovation and market advantages in the fields of electronic control Sky bet app downloadSky Bet appchips。At the same time,The person in charge of the Human Resources Department introduced to Wang Zhen the training process of several training colleges within the enterprise,Describes the career development path from the newcomer to the master of the skill master。In the subsequent technical exchange discussions,How to combine the teaching system of the college and the actual needs of the enterprise,Cultivation of graduates with the ability of on -site engineers conducted in -depth discussions。

Ren Xueliang, vice president of Gecho Dongzhi, emphasized the importance of the field engineer training mode in the field of intelligent manufacturing and information technology,The specific requirements of the employer Sky bet app downloadsky bet loginon their graduates in their practical skills and innovative ability。

Wang Zhen introduced the teaching advantages of the college in information technology and the results of student training。The two parties reached a consensus in the communication,Plan through the joint training mode of school -enterprise,Combining the industrial needs of TCL and its subordinate enterprises with the school's curriculum system,Jointly formulate a talent training plan,Development of curriculum content that adapts to the development of information technology and intelligent manufacturing industry。In addition,The two parties will also explore the establishment of an internship training base,Provide sky bet loginSky Betstudents with opportunities for actual operation and on -site learning,To enhance students' vocational skills and employment competitiveness。

This visit to the enterprise not only deepened the understanding and mutual trust between the upstream and downstream enterprises of the School of Information Engineering and the TCL Industry Chain,More cooperation between the two parties in the training of information technology professionals has laid a solid foundation,Create a wider career development road for graduates。