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Press time: 2024-05-13 Source: School of Basic Education Author: Zhou Xiaohui Sky Betsky bet loginPhotography: Views:10

May 12,hosted by Lianyungang Science and Technology Association、Sky Bet appLianyungang Mathematics Society and Jiangsu Ocean University jointly organized、Divide eachThe seventh college student high math competition of Lianyungang City, jointly organized by the university, successfully concluded in our school。    

Guo Qiang, vice chairman of the Lianyungang City Science and Technology Association,Vice President of Sky Bet appLianyungang Mathematics Association Yu、Yan Wei,Liao Dajian, Chairman of the Supervisory sky bet loginBoard of Lianyungang Mathematics Association, came to our school to guide,Dean of the School of Basic Education、Deputy Dean and other relevant person in charge accompanied the examination。

Lianyungang University Student Higher Mathematics Competition since 2018,Hold a year every year,Participants are college students in universities in universities,Participating teams are divided into this、Specialty two groups。This competition aims to promote learning with the competition、For the training of the race,Continuously Sky Bet apppromote the sky bet games onlinereform and construction of colleges and universities,While inspiring students' enthusiasm and initiative of mathematics learning,It is also selected for the next selection of Jiangsu High Mathematics Competition、The contestants of the National Mathematical Modeling Contests make a good preparation。

Since the establishment of self -preparation,Our school mobilizes promotion in the entire school,A total of 53 players participated in the two group competitions of the undergraduate group and the college group,sky bet games onlineand Sky Betarrange the test room。Teachers of the Mathematics Teaching and Research Office of the Mathematics Teaching and Research Room of the competition,Strive to get good results。

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