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Press time: 2024-05-11 Source: Academic Affairs Office Author: Pang Yang Photography: Views:10

To continuously improve the teaching level and business ability of young teachers in our school,On the afternoon of May 11,Our school hosted the basic skills competition of new teachers at the Teaching and Training Center E307 and E308。A total of 19 young teachers participated in this competition,Two groups are carried out at the same time.

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The competition aims to examine Sky Bet appthe ability of young teachers' curriculum design and classroom teaching organization,19 young teachers through fine teaching design、Wonderful teaching presentation、Each unique teaching style,Accurate positioning teaching goals and difficulties,Integrate "Professional Spirit" and "Professional Culture" into classroom teaching,shows the solid basic skills and professional comprehensive literacy of young teachers。The judge teacher conducted a detailed and in -depth Sky Betplace for each participating teacher's display.,While pointing out the advantages and expertise of each player,I made a proposal opinion and suggestions,benefit Xinjin teachers a lot。

The successful holding of this event not only set up a platform for young teachers to display talents,Created "Promoting Education with the Match、Promote reform atmosphere with the race,It has also further stimulated the enthusiasm of new teachers to consolidate the basic skills of teaching,Promoting Sky Bet appthe professional growth of teachers。