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Press time: 2024-05-09 Source: Fiscal Taxation Academy Author: Ding Qi Photography: Views:10

May 8th,The opening ceremony of the second youth cultural month of our school and "Xiangyangand the youth that Sky Bet appis not defined by the "lawn concert is successfully held in the track and field。Member of the Party Committee、Deputy Dean Zhang Shaoguang and the audience 2000Many teachers sky bet loginand students watched the performance together。The opening ceremony live broadcast,The atmosphere at the scene is strong,Reconcile。

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Zhang Shaoguang announced the opening of the second youth cultural month of our school,and carefully evaluate the careful organization of this event,Thank you for your performance and staff。

Sundance returns to the mountains and sea,Street Dance Companion,The "New Dances" dynamic interpretation of the school street dance society opened the curtain of this lawn concert。The whole event is expanded with two chapters of flowing gold and singing youth。

In the chapter of "Flowing Golden Years",​​A cross -era,"Love Letter" "Love Letter" "Love You" directly sky bet loginhit the audience's mind,"Red High Heel Shoes" is sincere and enthusiastic,"Long Time" evokes the unforgettable classmates of the teachers and students。Classic blend,"Romeo and Zhu Yingtai" this love singing,Students capture the audience with a gentle and soft voice。The School Civil Orchestra is wearing a national style clothing ensemble "Life Life Love",Very bright rhythm,Exciting Flying,Burning the audience again,Caused the cheers。

In the chapter of "Singing Youth",The song "Huaxia" is the most direct confession,Express the simple heart of the thousands of Chinese children,Putting the spirit of self -improvement。The healing song "Never Love sky bet loginLove" "Who" and "Who",Dialogue of the soul "What's the matter" and the exclusive confession exclusive "If possible",Students sing with delicate emotions,Warm youth,Stunning time。A song "Input Method Be cute and press Fifth" Sweetness Explosion,Interactive sense。Rap version "Say San",Accompanied by familiar melody,The audience shaking the fluorescent sticks in their hands and singing。Popular songs skewed "Give me a kiss", "Cool" and "Beautiful" pushing the audience at the climax。The concert ended in the school's "Early Summer" catwalk performance。

Music pay tribute to youth,Art Show。The opening ceremony of the youth cultural month and the "Youth that Sky Bet appis not defined by the sun" lawn was praised for the 105th anniversary of the May 4th Movement、Welcome to our school 60th birthday,Cultivate positive sunlight、The lively measure of healthy youth culture,Fully demonstrated the vigor of young students of our school、The spiritual style of youthful vitality。Future,Our school will continue to nourish the traditional method of artistic young students,Build a broad display platform for students,Create a strong campus art and cultural atmosphere。