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5month8On the morning, the second phase of our school student apartment3Building Building Project Main Body Covered Ceremony was held at the construction site。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Dean Fei Xiaoyan,Member of the Party Committee、Deputy Dean Li Chunping、Zhang Shaoguang,The person in charge of the school's related functional departments and representatives of participating units attended the ceremony。

Fei Xiaoyan announced that the main body was capped and delivered sky bet games onlinea Sky Bet appspeech。Under the witness of the on -site leaders and guests,Tower crane lifting the last concrete and poured complete。Fei Xiaoyan expressed warm congratulations to the successful ceiling of the project and expressed sincere thanks to the efforts of the participating units in the project construction,At the same time, I hope that all units will overcome difficulties,Grab the construction period,Guarantee quality,Make sure the project is completed on time,Dedication for the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the school。

Sky bet app downloadsky bet loginWang Gefei、Liu Changling、Yang Yunhua represents the project construction unit、Supervisor and government supervision department addressed the ceremony。

Phase II student apartment3Building Building Total Building Area20486.8square meter, there are ordinary dormitory331In the room, barrier -free dormitory8Between。Since the start of the project,With the strong support of the school leaders and relevant departments,through the construction unit、Supervision unit, etc. Participate in the joint efforts of all parties,Sky Bet appsky bet games onlineProject construction steadily advance,Quality and Safety Monitoring in placePrevention2024Year9Monthly put into use.