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Press time: 2024-05-09 Source: Academic Affairs Office Author: Wang Wenhao Photography: Xie Hui Views:10

On the afternoon of May 8,Our school held a key task promotion meeting for the 2024 teaching line in the conference room 404 of the Administrative Building。Party Secretary Yin Deshu attended the meeting and spoke,Deputy Sky BetSecretary of the Party sky bet games onlineCommittee、Dean Fei Xiaoyan,Member of the Party Committee、Deputy Dean Li Chunping,Office、Organization Personnel Office、Academic Affairs Office、The person in charge of the Scientific Research Office and the dean of the secondary colleges、Deputy Dean attended the meeting。The meeting was members of the party committee、Deputy Dean Jiao JianpingMasterhold.

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Yin Deshu pointed out,The quality of work of the teaching strip line is in a pivotal position in the comprehensive assessment of the school,Long -term development ideas should be used,Continue to promote related work with new work requirements。Yin sky bet games onlineDeshu emphasized,Pay attention Sky Betto teaching work,Place the teaching work at the center position for scientific thinking、Zhou Mi Plan、High -efficiency advance、Orderly develop,Use systemic methods to grasp it; improve work ability,Not only should we improve the leadership ability of the secondary college,It also needs to improve the personal ability of the college teachers,Through old teachers in a new way,Promote the improvement of young teachers; improve awareness,The relationship between the basic work and the key work、iconic results and earlyCultivationThe relationship、The relationship between the construction of the teaching style and the Sky Bet appconstruction of Sky Betthe style;,Adjust the relevant system documents under the leadership of the division,Maintain the balance and coherent of institutional policies,Practice the command stick、Vacation altitude,The quality of ensuring the teaching system is further improved。

Fei Xiaoyan pointed out,At present, there is a "not enough attention、Foundation is not solid、Unexpected cold and cold、Insufficient power、Not strong style "5 aspects 5 aspects。Fei Xiaoyan Requirements,To launch it all、Fully attack; we must consolidate the foundation、Speed ​​in the long -term; scientific planning、Balanced effort; optimize the mechanism、Sky Betsky bet loginEstablish orientation;、Promoting the new wind。

Jiao Jianping put forward specific requirements for implementing the spirit of this meeting。

Will on the way,The person in charge of the Academic Affairs Office focuses on the completion of the current key tasks of the teaching line,Analysis of existing problems and reasons for the cause,Put forward the next step of work plan; Dean of each second -level college briefly reports the promotion of the key tasks of the college and the next plan.。